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G W Barber, The Master of the Worshipful Company of Gridlers, June 1911-1912.  Owner of Culzie Lodgeand Wyvis Lodge?

Heights Heritage Exhibition - September 2001

Culzie Lodge and Wyvis Lodge

Presumably these lodges were on estates adjacent to "The Heights" and so were included in Exhibition photographs.

Culzie Lodge photographs:

Culzie Lodge party and staff, 12 August 1911.

Culzie party.

"FB and DW"

"Duke" (presumably the dog!)

"Willie and the dogs.

The meet.

Lunch on the 12th August.

By the loch on the 12th August.

The bridge across the falls of Rogie.

Achilty Hotel, August 1911.

Car breakdown on the road to Garbat.

Leaving Achilty Hotel.

The Culzie carriage.

Wyvis Lodge photographs:

Mrs David Gordon and children.

The summer house, Old Forest, Wyvis.  GWB, AB, Murdo and Wyvis dogs.

AB and DW in Round Corrie.

GWB spying by Ross well.

Snipe Hall.  GWB and NN.

"Our staff"

12 August 1909.  The start.

The Meet.  Eilanach.

Lunch on sheep ground, 17th August.

The bag.

"GWB, DW and AB"

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