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Neil Gunn Memorial (photo John McGhie, Muir of Ord)

Building Neil Gunn Memorial (1987)

The site

Excavating the site.

Unloading the memorial stone.

The stone being placed in situ.

Building the surrounding wall.

Some planting.

Allan Haldane inscribing the memorial stone.

Dingwall Academy pupils loading walkways under supervisition of technical subjects teacher Hamish Mackay (on right).

Walkways in place.

More planting.

The memorial stone.

All photographs above by Steve Clouston.

A view of the surrounding area before construction.

Memorial stone

Subsequent tree planting (c.1990) by S3 chemistry class, Dingwall Academy, with Dr Kerr Yule standing back left.  (photo Ann Gould)

Gathering for the formal opening

Dr Kerr Yule (instigator of the project) in foreground.

On left:  Finlay Macrae (piper), Allan Haldane, Dr Kerr Yule, in front of whom is Mrs Annie Green, Halkirk (wearing red scarf) who unveiled the site.  Mrs Green, a cousin of Neil Gunn, donated the memorial stone which comes from her family quarry in Halkirk, Caithness.

Mrs Annie Green

Unveiling of interpretative panel at Neil M. Gunn Monument, Heights of Brae.  Allan and Dorothy Haldane in centre of picture.

As above.  Interpretative panel covered in a Gunn tartan rug.  l-r: Councillor Margaret Paterson, Douglas Murray, Katharine Stewart (author), Kerr Yule (Chairman of Neil M. Gunn Trust), Ann Yule.

Interpretative panel at Neil Gunn Memorial - 2001, Katharine Stewart having just unveiled panel.   Ann and Kerr Yule to the right.

Unveiling of interpretative panel at Neil Gunn Memorial, Heights of Brae, June 2001.
l-r: Alison Wilkie, Ann Yule, Katharine Stewart (author)

Interpretative panel at Neil Gunn Memorial, Heights of Brae - June 2001.  l-r:  Mr. Neil McKechnie, unknown, Alison Wilkie.

Neil M. Gunn Memorial - June 2001.l-r: Hilda , Katharine Stewart, Fiona, and baby Catriona (Katharine, her daughter, grand-daughter and great grand-daughter - four generations.)
Tom MacIver, former Ross and Cromarty Further Education Officer, on right.  (Tom died in 2014 at the grand old age of 106.)

The Neil M Gunn Memorial, Heights of Brae, Strathpeffer - opened 31 October 1987.  (photo John McGhie, Muir of Ord)

The Neil M. Gunn Monument was erected on Heights of Brae, Strathpeffer in 1987, as a consequence of the enthusiasm of the Trustees, seven local people. The monument itself consists of a central 'standing stone'; round the base are carved Caithness slabs, depicting themes central to Neil Gunn's writing. The Monument is situated in a very natural setting near the foothills of Ben Wyvis, and close to the route taken by the author as he made his way on his daily walk from Brae Farm House, up through the fields behind the house and on to the moor to the North of the monument. The thinking behind the 'Tryst Gate', the wrought-iron gate at the entrance to the monument, was of Neil's words being read and their influence radiating in all directions to other peoples.

The carved heptagon is made of Caithness slab. It was made by Mr Jack Green at his quarry at Halkirk, Caithness. On this feature, the carvings by Allan Haldane indicate the directions of important places in the surrounding landscape.

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