Saltburn and Westwood Places

Saltburn and Westwood Community Collage
RCHS is grateful to Karen Graham for the photographs of, and information on, Saltburn of some years ago.

Saltburn and Westwood

Postcard dated 25 September 1903.  Residents of visible houses:  Simpson;  unknown;  Dean;  Geordie Davidson (known as Geordie Doll);  Watson.

Saltburn west end.
Another postcard sent from "Rockfields", Saltburn, to Mabel Jamieson, London.  Message reads:  "Behold my village - it is easily a mile long.  I hope you will all have a Happy Christmas Day."

Later scene, Saltburn West End.  Date 1950s?
Second house now no longer thatched and has upper storey.

Saltburn - from West.
Lady with dog is Mrs Murray, in front of own house.  Next house:  Watson;  and then the house of R H Bone.

Saltburn - centre of village and East of shop.  First house belonged to Macleod (painter and decorator) and is beside bus stop.

East end of Saltburn, looking west.

Bus outside "The Bungalow", Saltburn.
Just behind bus can be seen part of shop belonging to Tom Mackenzie where he conducted his business as a shoemaker from 1920 to 1937.
Cottage opposite, on left of photo, is Elsie Cottage.  Fannie McRitchie (Mrs Walker) lived here.  She was a bus conductress.

View from "The Bungalow", Saltburn, with shop in view and looking west.
Many houses had grass outside where now there is pavement.

View of Saltburn East End from the Cromarty Firth.
Photograph taken from almost opposite "The Bungalow".  Boat in photo belonged to Tom Mackenzie and was built by him.  He used it to row out to his yacht The Mascot which was replaced by The Penguin.

Ending on this nautical theme, the photographic history of Saltburn Boating Club is continued under "Places/Recreation".
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