Resolis Places

Resolis Community Collage

Three views of Resolis Community Hall.

The community play area.

The community playingfield.

Resolis Public Buildings

As with Newhall Primary School, Cullicudden Primary School closed when a new school for the Cullicudden/Resolis area was opened in 2009.

Two views of the former Cullicudden Primary School.

The playingfield at the former Cullicudden Primary School.

Same playingfield but looking east towards Cromarty.

The lunch menu - March 2003
Monday - Breaded Fish - Sweetcorn - Chips - Peach Crumble and Custard
Tuesday - Home Made Sausage Rolls - Baked Beans - Brown Bread - Chilled Melon Slice
Wednesday - Beef Casserole - Mashed Turnip - Mashed Potato - Rice Pudding and Sultanas
Thursday - Chicken Fricasse - Boiled Rice - Shredded Green Cabbage - Cheese Cake topped with Kiwi Fruit
Friday - Cook's Own Choice

The schoolhouse associated with the former Cullicudden Primary School.

The former Newhall (Resolis) Primary School.

Two views of the former Newhall Primary School.

A close-up of the mural.

Following closure of the school in 2009, the building was boarded up and lay in a sad and neglected state.  In 2015 the local authority advertised the building for sale and it is to be hoped that a prospective purchaser will remedy the neglect of past years.

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