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Patron - C Shaw Mackenzie
Patroness - Mrs Gunn Munro

President - Major G M Gunn Munro
Vice-President - Chas. Young
Representative Members - R Macintyre, Capt. G M Gunn Munro
Chaplain - Rev J D McCulloch
Treasurer - M Campbell
Secretary - Alex Craigen
Committee or Council of Management -
M Campbell, W Campbell, C Ferguson, R Mackenzie, F R S Black, J Sinton, A Craigen, Major Munro, J Macdonald
Ordinary Members (Regular) -
Major Munro, D Mackenzie, C Ferguson, J Grant, J Macdonald, A Fraser, J Sinton, Chas. Young, W Campbell, R Mackenzie, A Craigen, F R S Black, M Campbell, R Paterson, R Macintyre
Ordinary Members (Occasional) -
J Junor, W Stewart, J Watson, M McRae, R J Gillanders, W Mackenzie, Dr Dick, Arch. Watson, C Jack, A W Brook, H Munro



President - James Douglas Fletcher

Representative Members -
James Douglas Fletcher, Rev John Gibson
Chaplain - Rev John Gibson
Treasurer and Secretary - Thomas Henderson
Committee or Council of Management -
D Jack, J Henderson, Neil Wilson
Ordinary Members (Regular) -
J D Fletcher, Donald Jack, D Mann, Neil Wilson, J Henderson, D Mackenzie, W Judge, W Mackenzie, T Henderson, Alex Jack, W M Moir, W Shobbrock
Ordinary Members (Occasional) -
Hon. J B Lubbock, Rev J Gibson, John Munro, Geo. St. Quintin, A T Kent, William Nevett, Jas. Thomson, George Down, W F Farrer


President - Mrs Heather Gill

Representative Members - Mrs Heather Gill, Mrs Mary Machin
Secretary - Mrs Mary Machin
Treasurer - Mrs Isobel Fleming
Match Secretary - Mrs Marian Burns
Ice Rink - Inverness
Honorary Members -
Mrs E Macgillivray, Mrs L Mackenzie, Mrs V Macpherson, Mrs H Munro, Mrs I Scott, Mrs M Stuart
Ordinary Members -
Mrs J Bridgeford, Mrs M Bruce, Mrs M Burns, Mrs G Cameron, Mrs A Drummond, Mrs S Dunn, Mrs I Fleming, Mrs F Fraser, Mrs E Gammie, Mrs H Gill, Mrs M Gordon, Mrs I Gordon, Mrs I Grigor, Mrs L. Low, Mrs R Macarthur, Mrs G McCall, Mrs M Machin, Mrs J Mackenzie, Mrs K Mackenzie, Mrs L Mackenzie, Mrs J Maxwell, Mrs B McCallum, Mrs R McCallum, Mrs K Munro, Mrs W Nicol, Mrs S Paterson, Mrs M Robertson, Mrs C Roscrow, Mrs J Thornton, Mrs H Vass

The inaugural meeting of the Ross-shire Ladies was held in the National Hotel, Dingwall, on Friday 5 April 1968.

Isobel Scott was elected President; Helen Munro, Vice-President; Margery MacIntyre, Secretary; Thelma Davidson, Match Secretary; and Margaret Smith, Treasurer. The other members of the committee were Elly MacGillivray, Jean McAllister, Isobel Bremner and Betty Morgan.

In all a total of thirty ladies attended, interested in forming a ladies' club. The club affiliated to the Royal Club in the following year, when Lady Stirling of Fairburn was invited to become Honorary President.

The early stages of the club are interesting because the minutes of meetings give considerable detail on all matters pertaining to the formation of an entirely new club - day and time of curling, arrangements for instruction, organisation of rinks, formation of a league, rules for substitution and, not surprisingly, the very important question of dress. Indeed, the deliberations on this matter took up several committee meetings. So far as can be ascertained, it was not a subject to appear in the records of male clubs at a similar stage of development. The ladies were also very much fussier about food arrangements for their various activities. The minutes of committee meetings often refer to the 'pleasant cup of tea' provided or to the 'delicious refreshments' - clear evidence, if any were needed, of the superior sensibilities of the fairer sex.

In their first curling season the club took part in the Open Bonspiel at Inverness Ice Rink, the Carmen Curlers' Rosebowl (finishing runners-up), the Ladies' Knockout, the Allangrange Quaich, the Locheye Outdoor Bonspiel (21 February 1969), and two friendly games with the Ice Rink Ladies - not a bad beginning. The first winner of the club points was Babs Ross, recipient of the new Rosebowl presented by Peter MacIntyre, Findon. The rink of Thelma Davison, Connie Morrison, Lyn Smart and Isabel MacDougall were the first winners of the silver salver presented by Tommy Scott.

An indication of how the value of 'the pound in our pocket' has declined is revealed by the price of the club's first curling brooms - a 34/6d. bargain from Helen Munro. Mention is also made in these minutes of the Dalziel trophy, played at Aviemore. This was a long-standing competition originally played at Perth and so popular that it took place over two days. It was one of the first Area 10 competitions. Known at first as the Highland Bonspiel, it was won on a number of occasions by Ross-shire teams, notably by the Fairburn club in 1954 and again at the nineth annual bonspiel by a Fairburn rink skipped by Major Sir John Stirling, KT. The Dalziel Trophy was gifted by Peter M Pottie, Easter Dalziel Farm, Petty. It has now been superseded by the MacGregor Kettle - can anyone explain why?

Ross-shire Ladies is now possibly the largest curling club in Ross-shire. Helen Munro is a Past President of the Province and as a skip has won many mixed and ladies' competitions. The standard of ladies' curling is second to none as many male teams have found to their cost. Once the ladies have found their 'weight', particularly on tricky ice, the usual heavyweight 'take out' game leads only to disaster whilst the ladies calmly keep drawing the shots. The continued success of the club is an indication of the health of Ross-shire curling

Friday 5 April 1968

The inaugural meeting of the club was held in the National Hotel, Dingwall, on Friday 5th April. It was attended by 30 ladies, all interested in forming a club of Ross-shire Ladies to play at the Inverness Ice Rink at present under construction.

A resolution was passed that a club should be formed. Mrs Davison had brought entry forms which those present completed for themselves and also for ladies who wished to join but were unable to be present.

The next business to be considered was the election of office bearers. Mrs Scott, Fearn, was unanimously voted President and took the chair. The other office bearers were elected as follows -

Vice-President - Mrs Helen Munro, Conon Bridge (proposed by Mrs Jean McAllister, Maryburgh, seconded by Miss Margaret Smith, Fortrose)
Secretary - Mrs Marjery Macintyre, Culbokie (proposed by Mrs Joan Macrae, Dingwall, seconded by Mrs Davison, Tain)
Match Secretary - Mrs Thelma Davison, Tain (proposed by Mrs MacDougall, Tain, seconded by Mrs Munro, Conon Bridge)
Treasurer - Miss Margaret Smith, Fortrose (proposed by Mrs MacGillivray, Nigg, seconded by Mrs MacPherson, Cromarty).

It was decided that the committee should consist of 9 ladies and the following were elected to the committee:

Mrs MacGillivray, Nigg;  Mrs McAllister, Maryburgh;  Mrs Bremner, Culbokie;  Mrs Morgan, Dingwall

Discussion then followed on the amount to be fixed as Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription. Mrs Munro proposed an Entrance Fee of £1 and an Annual Subscription of £1. This was seconded by Mrs Morgan and carried by the meeting. It was also agreed that it should be ascertained whether the club needed to carry an insurance policy.

The next item to be considered was the day of the week and the time of day most suitable for intending members to curl. On a show of hands it proved that though more ladies would have preferred morning ice, it was not possible for some ladies to curl at all in the mornings, whereas with the exception of 3 ladies all others present would be available for afternoon curling. It was therefore agreed to apply for ice for the 2 o'clock session on Thursday afternoons, also that application for affiliation to the RCCC be made on behalf of the newly formed club.

Discussion then followed on to Constitution of the Club and it was decided that it should be dealt with by the committee and the proposed constitution brought up for amendment and adoption at the next general meeting to be held in September.

It was also decided that membership of the club be restricted to 48 playing members and that if more applications were forthcoming names would be put on a waiting list. Those who wished to pay their subscriptions to the treasurer then did so and the meeting was adjourned.

Isobel M Scott

Friday 5 April 1968

A short committee meeting was held after the general meeting. Several constitutions were looked at and a constitution drawn up. It was agreed that a membership card be printed with the Club's constitution and the names and addresses of its members. Copies of "Curling Do's and Don'ts" were to be printed and sent out by the Treasurer with the subscription receipts. Mrs Morgan agreed to act as Press Secretary and to put a report of the meeting into the Ross-shire Journal. On Mrs Bremner's proposal it was agreeed that the Secretary and Match Secretary should be paid their expenses. It was decided that the next committee meeting be held when all members had paid their subscriptions.

Isobel M Scott

21 May 1968

At a committee meeting held at Findon on 21 May the entire committee was present with the exception of Mrs Morgan who intimated her apologies.

The question of insurance was raised and it was decided that it was not necessary for the club to carry an insurance.

The meeting then voted the Treasurer and right to operate on the Club's bank account and the President and the Secretary signed the necessary forms.

The question of Reserve members then came up. It was decided not to have Reserve members but to inaugurate a waiting list for ladies wishing to join the club when a vacancy should occur. No subscription would be payable but they could be asked to substitute for club members if no other club member were available.

As to members who proved to be habitual non-curlers, it was decided that, as in many other clubs, in the second year they would be dropped from the league and in the third their subscription would not be renewable - this point to be brought up at the next General Meeting. Also at that meeting it was decided that RCCC films of instructional value to intending curlers be shown.

On Mrs Scott's suggestion the meeting agreed that Lady Stirling of Fairburn be asked to become Honorary President of the Club.

The next item to be considered was the membership card. It was agreed that it should include a copy of the Constitution, a list of Office Bearers and names, addresses and telephone numbers of Club members, and Club rules.

With regard to the formation of rinks it was decided that they would be run on a league basis, with 2 points for a win and one point for a draw. The list of members was consulted and 12 possible skips and No.3s drawn from it. It was emphasised that these positions were in no way permanent and that it was not a case of once a skip always a skip.

The question of uniform was considered and it was agreed unanimously that though it was desirable it certainly was not compulsory. Several suggestions as to colour were put forward and it appeared that the most popular choices were french navy skirt or trousers with 'v' neck pullover and jade green or, alternatively, crushed strawberry insert; black skirt or trousers with 'v' neck pullover and turquoise insert .

Several badges of other curling clubs were also looked at and ideas for our own badge put forward. Most popular seemed to be the idea of a pin in the shape of a curling broom or, alternatively, a curling stone with perhaps Ben Wyvis in the background. It was agreed that Mrs Davison should find out where the badges are made and their cost.

It was decided that both the question of uniform and badge be brought up at the next General Meeting, to be held, provisionally, on Tuesday 3 September in the National Hotel, Dingwall.

The meeting agreed that postcards with the Club's name be printed, 60 books of rules be ordered from the RCCC and at a later date that the Club should join the Ladies Branch of the RCCC. The meeting then adjourned.

Isobel M Scott

3 September 1968

At the General Meeting held in the National Hotel, Dingwall, on 3 September apologies for absence were received from the following ladies: Mrs Anne Morris, Mrs Helen Martin, Mrs Hannah Forsyth, Mrs Anna Macrae, Miss Dorothy Forbes, Mrs Jean Gordon, Mrs Hislop, Mrs May Munro, Mrs Rosemary Mackenzie, Mrs Astri Smith, Mrs Elspeth Anderson.

The main object of the meeting was to show members two curling films of instructional interest to inexperienced curlers. These were This Is Curling, from America, and the Scotch Cup In Vancouver 1966. At the conclusion of the films the President thanked the operator and on her suggestion a letter of thanks was sent to Col. Mackenzie for kindly lending his equipment.

The President then welcomed Lady Stirling as our Honorary President and thanked her for having so kindly accepted this office.

The Secretary then read the Constitution of the Club which was moved for adoption by Lady Stirling and seconded by Mrs Rutherford.

The minutes of the previous meeting were thereafter read and adopted.

Mrs Scott gave a general report on previous meetings, the main point being that three sheets of ice had been booked on Thursday afternoons at the 2.30 session. Mrs Davison, our match secretary, reported on the formation of the 12 rinks and explained that games would be played on a league basis, each rink meeting every other rink once during the season. It was decided to have a waiting list printed for convenience of club members. Lady Stirling enquired if it were possible for members to use their own curling stones and it was decided to enquire at the Ice Rink if this were possible.

Discussion then followed on the proposed uniform for the club. Votes were taken and the majority favoured french navy slacks with turquoise, the top cardigan. A vote was taken and on a show of hands the result was as follows - those in favour of suede, 13 votes; those in favour of wool, 14 votes.

The lambswool jumper was available to be purchased at the Cuchullin Handloom Co. and the turquoise pullover or cardigan type overgarment at Pringle's, Inverness. It was decided that Pringle be asked to make the overgarment long, with a raglan type sleeve and with pockets. In the case of both the jumper and overgarment, since most of the ladies in the club wished to have the uniform, a substantial discount was hoped for.

The visit of the French Curling Team to the Inverness Ice Rink on the 11th November and the Dinner Dance to be held on that evening in the Caledonian Hotel, Inverness, was intimated to the members, and the fact that any of those wishing to attend might do so. It was also stated that two rinks had been entered for the Allangrange Trophy to be played at Inverness and that a notice should be posted in the Ice Rink for those wishing to take part in the Province Bonspiel to be played on Loch Aye (sic), weather permitting.

Mrs Morgan proposed a vote of thanks to our President, Mrs Scott, and the meeting then adjourned.

6 November 1968

A general meeting of the club was held in the National Hotel Dingwall on 6 November. After the minutes of the previous meeting had been read the question of uniform was discussed. The alternative suggestions put to the meeting were - navy jumper to be worn under sleeveless jacket made of turquoise or suede or tweed or navy jumper under turquoise 'v' necked pullover or button type garment being of the cardigan type, or a 'v' necked pullover. Several badges were also looked at and it was decided to adopt a plain badge incorporating the turquoise shade of the uniform. Mrs Munro suggested that each member should wear a printed name badge and this was carried by the meeting.

As the club had been asked to enter a rink for the Bonspiel marking the opening of the new Ice Rink,it was considered fitting that this rink should be composed of our Honorary President, President, Vice-President and Match Secretary. As Lady Stirling was unable to play, her place was taken by Mrs Ellie MacGillivray.

At the conclusion of the meeting Lady Stirling thanked the club for the honour they had done her in asking her to become Honorary President and complimented the President and Office Bearers on the way in which they had conducted business.

I M Scott

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