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Instituted 1902 Admitted 1904


President - J Dalgetty

Representative Members - J Dalgetty, W I Dalgetty
Secretary - A MacDonald
Treasurer - W I Dalgetty
Ice Rink - Inverness
Members (Ordinary) -
J Dalgetty, W Dalgetty, A Macdonald, I Macdonald, A Mackenzie,  Ms C Sprint

The Killearnan club was first constituted in 1902 and joined the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in 1904. Membership lapsed during the Great War of 1914-18 and the club was not re-constituted until Tuesday 8 October 1929, at a meeting held in Tore School at which Mr Angus Murray presided. Mr James Kirk was appointed Secretary.

The original club members were: John Younie, Dave Mackay, Charles Mackinnon, George MacGregor, Ian MacLeod, Donald MacLean, Donald Mackenzie (blacksmith), and Hugh Clark. Captain Evan N Burton-Mackenzie was invited to be Club Patron.

Annual subscriptions were set at three shillings but this amount was quickly raised to five shillings as it became clear that the curling pond would require preparation every year, e.g. rashes had to be scythed to improve access. The pond was improved by planting trees around it and by judicious use of a bulldozer. Electric lighting was provided in the 50's. Sad to say, the pond is no longer extant, buried beneath that mound familiar to every northern motorist - the Tore Roundabout.

The club, quite apart from its curling interests, was also a major social influence, running regular dances, initially in the Munlochy Hall and later in the "new" Tore District Hall. During the Second War, 1939-45, the proceeds of these dances were donated to the local Prisoners of War Fund and to the Royal Northern Infirmary.

Club meetings were held, at first, in the Tore school, but from 1942 in the Kilcoy Arms Hotel, proprietor Hugh Clark, who was also chief factotum - President, Secretary and Treasurer - during the war years.

Dr John Anderson, a physician in Fortrose, became President in 1945 - a post he held until his death in 1964. He joined the club in 1935 and he was, without doubt, a major influence in the development of the Killearnan club and Ross-shire curling as a whole. Dr Anderson was first elected President of the Province on 5 November 1952, demitting office on 13 October 1955. For many years he was Provincial representative to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. He will be long remembered as a fine curler and a prominent upholder of curling tradition, especially as 'My Lord' at many Curlers' Courts during the fifties.

The trophy instituted in his memory remains the primary event in the Ross-shire curling calendar. The 'Dr John Anderson Bonspiel', in its present form as an all-day event, was first held at Aviemore in December 1968. The first winners were an Avoch rink comprising John Leggat, Billy Gill, Bill Moodie and 'Dodo' Wilson (skip). Ross Ladies were runners-up. The Killearnan club won the event in 1980 - lead Richard Bethune; second Kenny Mackenzie, third John Dalgetty (junior); skip W I Dalgetty. The club was also successful in 1987 and 1988 with the rink of: lead Linda Moir; second Denise Dalgetty; third Gary Cameron; skip John Dalgetty. The club has been well served by its officials - John D MacIver, President 1964-1977; and Donald Bain, 1978-1982; when John Dalgetty took over. Many congratulations are due to Willie Dalgetty, now in his eighteenth year as club secretary.

A public meeting was held in Tore School on Tuesday 8 October 1929 for the purpose of re-forming the Killearnan Curling Club. Mr Angus Murray was called upon to preside.

1. It was agreed that Mr James Kirk be appointed Hon. Secretary and Treasurer.
2. It was resolved to form a Local Club, but not to apply for affiliation with The Royal Caledonian Club this season.
3. The secretary was asked to approach Captain E N Burton-Mackenzie of Kilcoy to act as President of the Club.
4. A working committee, consisting of Messrs Jas. Kirk, D Mackenzie (blacksmith), Charles Mackinnon and Hugh Clark, was formed.
5. It was agreeed that the subscription for this season be 3/-.
6. All present and hereafter named intimated their willingness to become members: Messrs J Younie, Dav. Mackay, D Cameron, Ian Macleod, A Murray, D Mackenzie, Chas. Mackinnon, Geo. Macgregor, Don. Maclean.
7. An expenditure of 10/- paid by the secretary for cutting the grass in the pond etc. was approved.

These minutes approved 27/2/30. (Signed) A Murray Chairman

Draft Constitution and Rules of Killearnan

1. Killearnan Curling Club, first constituted 1902, joined the Royal Caledonian Club 1904, fell into abeyance during the War and removed from the Royal Caledonian's list, reconstituted 1929 with the intention of joining the Royal Caledonian as a new Club for season 1930-31.

2. As the Pond and surroundings were made over to the Club free for all time by the proprietor of Allangrange Estate, subject to the approval of successors, and fences, club-house and work upon the Pond were executed by subscription; no individual or party has any rights to the foregone, nor has any rights been claimed when the Club was in abeyance, either by the Estate or other party, and the reconstituted Club has ...[paragraph unfinished in copy]

3. The Constitution of the Club shall be as suggested by the Royal Caledonian Club and as published by them in the Annual 1928-29, pp. xv, chap. II, and the Rules shall be those approved by the Royal Caledonian Club.

The first annual meeting of this Club shall take place during the first week of October, so that the printed lists may be in the hands of the secretary of the Royal Club before 15th October.

4. Rules governing membership and fees, use of Pond, access to club-house, stones etc.

Annual General Meeting 1958

The Annual General Meeting of the above Club was held in Kilcoy Arms Hotel on [date not entered].

The following members were present: Dr J R Anderson (President) C Wylie, J Dalgetty,
D McLean, G Brooks, J Fraser, J McIver, A McLellan, I Paul.

Apologies - W Martin, Dr Jack Anderson

Minutes - The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read and approved.

Reports - David Dalgetty ran a number of dances to improve our funds, but unfortunately due to lack of public support these dances were not a financial success. Members unanimously thanked David Dalgetty for his hard work and time spent in trying to improve Club funds.

Lighting - It was agreed that the sodium lighting from a curling point of view was not successful. It was agreed that Dr Anderson approach a member of the Hydro Electric Board with the view of returning the lights or seek advice to the best way of selling them.

Presentation - It was agreed to donate one pound, at the suggestion of the Province Committee, towards a presentation for Jack Bookless, whom as we all know, has organised Perth Bonspiels for all the North Clubs and made such occasions an enormous success.

Levy - After much discussion it was agreed not to support the motion of Caledonian Curling Club that each Local Club should pay in advance one shilling per member towards a special fund for the purpose of defraying the expenses of visiting teams from America and Canada.

Pond - John Dalgetty, Pondmaster, was instructed to ensure the maintenance of the pond and call on any member as required.

Fees - Annual fee to remain at 10/- per member.

Funds - Executive Committee to explore means of increasing funds.

Office Bearers - President Dr J R Anderson re-elected. Vice President Dr Jack Anderson. Secretary - I Paul. Treasurer - W Martin.
Executive Committee - J Dalgetty, J McIver, J Fraser, D McLean, D Bain, P Dalgetty.
Office Bearers Ex Officio

Skips - Skips were re-appointed: Dr J R Anderson, D Bain, J Dalgetty, J Fraser.

Pondmaster - John Dalgetty

This was all the business and after a vote of thanks the meeting was closed.

John R Anderson

Annual General Meeting 1959

The Annual General Meeting of the above Club was held in Kilcoy Arms Hotel on 26 March 1959.

The following members were present: Dr J R Anderson (President), Mr W Martin (Treasurer), I Paul (Secretary), J McIver, Ian Bain, J Dalgetty, D Bain, E McFarquhar, J Fraser, J McRae, W J Dalgetty, D McLean, L Brooks, D Dalgetty

Minutes - The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read and approved.

Reports - The Financial Report was read and approved. W Martin was congratulated on his control of the difficult financial position.

The club members were very pleased by the numbers of persons who have joined the club this season.

The President recalled the successful curling season. Members were represented at Loch Leven, Provincial Bonspiel and inter-Provincial Bonspiel. There were also three Curlers' Courts, Strathpeffer Club, Muir of Ord Club, and the Province Court also at Strathpeffer.

The members also had an excellent season's curling with about twelve games played with neighbouring clubs.

The President also gave thanks to members who gave assistance in one way or another in preparing the pond in readiness for curling. The President reminded members that the maintenance of the Pond was an "all year round job" and he would like members to attend as often as possible when their help was required during the summer.

Lights - After discussion it was agreed that the sodium lighting was not suitable for curling and it was agreed to sell these lights to Hydro Electric Board for the sum of £60.

Subscriptions - It was agreed that the annual subscription be that new young members be for the first five years 10/- and thereafter £1.

Pond - It was agreed that members would co-operate on maintenance of the pond. Drainage, weeds, fence, etc.
D McLean - drainage
C Wylie - Machine to excavate drain and 2 dozen posts
Shed - to be harled by D Bain and J Fraser

Office Bearers - Office Bearers unanimously re-elected.

Skips - Skips re-appointed (extra skips if membership permits) Dr J R Anderson, D Bain, J Dalgetty, J Fraser.

Pondmaster - John Dalgetty

Loch Leven - Two rinks if required this season.

Rinks - It was agreed Skips would be responsible for organisation of rinks.

John R Anderson

The Annual General Meeting of the above Club was held in Kilcoy Arms Hotel, Tore, on Wednesday 27 May 1964.

The following members were present: J McIver (Vice-President), I Paul (Secretary), D Bain, J Dalgetty, J Fraser, W J Dalgetty, E McFarquhar, J Bain, C Fraser, A U McKenzie, S Jack.

Apologies from W W Martin, D McLean, G Brooks, S McIntosh, Morrison

Dr J R Anderson - J McIver (Vice-President) expressed the feelings of the meeting on the death of our President, Dr John Anderson.

"He was a good friend and a grand Curler who held the Club together and was always eager to help young curlers. His death was a severe blow to curlers everywhere but more especially to his friends and Curlers of Killearnan Curling Club. He was President of the Club since 1945-46 and member of Killearnan CC since 1935. He was a personality who will be sadly missed."

The company were upstanding and observed a minute's silence in his memory.

A letter from the Club to Mrs Anderson expressing our sympathy will be sent.

Stones - J McIver and J Dalgetty were instructed to visit Mrs Anderson and find out her wishes regarding the curling stones belonging to Dr John which are in the Clubhouse.

It was also agreed that the Club members subscribe a Trophy in memory of Dr John but the form it would take remains for discussion.

Finance - Owing to various reasons the secretary was unable to arrange the Annual General Meeting at the end of the curling season, and unfortunately when arranged Mr Martin, Treasurer, was not available to attend so there was no financial statement.

The statement will be given at a meeting before the curling season begins. Fees will be payable on that date.

It was agreed, subject to annual review, that the fee be £5 per established players and £2.10. 0 for junior members. This will not be a voluntary payment but a direct fee.

Games - It was agreed that the Club should be represented in matches as follows:

Grand Match - 2 rinks
Ross-shire Provincial Bonspiel - 2 rinks
Inter-Province - 2 rinks
Pottie Cup - 1 rink
Bookless Trophy - 2 rinks
President's Cup - 1 rink
Trophy competition - individual Skips

Skips - D Bain, J Dalgetty, J Fraser and W W Martin. E McFarquhar was appointed fifth skip.

The Annual General Meeting of the Killearnan Curling Club was held in Kilcoy Arms Hotel on the 22 September 1983.

Apologies - J A Dalgetty, K Mackenzie, Sandy Munro

Present - E Jack, Irene Smith, H Smith, A Brett, A McKenzie, R Bethune, Allan MacDonald, J Dalgetty, D Bain and W I Dalgetty.

Agenda - The Secretary intimated that he entered 3 Rinks, ACD Leagues and the Rinks in the other competitions which was agreed at the meeting held on the 23/6/83.

2 Rinks in Allangrange
3 Rinks in Dr Anderson's (Aviemore)
1 Rink in The Farmers
2 Rinks in Outside Bonspiel
2 Rinks in the Talbot
1 Rink in the MacGregor Kettle (Aviemore)

Secretary pointed out that the 2 Rinks entered in the Talbot Bonspiel, a big waiting list for this competition from the previous year and we were not included in the draw.

Election of Office Bearers

Mr D Bain (President) intimated that he felt that it was time he stood down and let the Vice-President take over. He proposed John Dalgetty (Vice-President) to take the chair, which was unanimously agreed.

On the motion of Alisdair Mackenzie seconded by Evan Jack, Raymond Bethune was elected Vice-President, and W I Dalgatty remain Secretary/Treasurer.

The new President, J Dalgetty, thanked Mr D Bain for his interest and support to the club over a long number of years (5 as President).

The points competition was held on the 11 February 1984 along with Caberfeidh.

The Killearnan Medal was won by A Brett.

Due to the large number of people that turned up it was agreed in future that Killearnan book ice for points competition of our own.

On 6 April 1984 J A Dalgetty, Iain Bain, W Dalgetty and J Dalgetty made the trip to Dornoch to attend a Curlers' Court. J Dalgetty (Jnr) went through the Court and an enjoyable time was held by all. Congratulations to J Dalgetty and to Dornoch Club for holding a very good Court.

Financial Statement - The Secretary gave a financial statement which was approved and it was agreed that subs remain at £5 per member. He also pointed out that the subs would be very likely increased at the next AGM.

This concluded the business of the meeting which was closed with a vote of thanks to new President and Secretary.

John Dalgetty Jnr

Start of '87 Season

The new curling season is about to begin, but Killearnan Club recall with pride the unique occasion, when playing in the 'B' League against a rink from Ross-shire Ladies, they scored an eight-ender, in an event sponsored by the Johnnie Walker firm. They received their Johnnie Walker Awards from the president of the Ross Province, Mrs Helen Munro, at the annual general meeting this year. Congratulations were extended to them on the first eight- ender in the history of Killearnan Club. The winning rink was Linda Moir (Lead), Irene Smith (2nd), Gary Cameron (3rd) and John Dalgetty (Skip).

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