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Patron - Sir R B Finlay, KC, MP
Patroness - Miss Mackenzie of Flowerburn

President - Colonel Hall
Vice-Presidents -
R J Gillanders, Provost Sutherland
Representative Members -
Rev John M Gibson, MA, Dr Maclean
Chaplain - Rev W Green
Treasurer - J M Stuart
Secretary - W S Grant
Committee or Council of Management -
Provost Sutherland, Rod. McLennan, W S Grant, Dr Maclean, J Hossack, J A Gordon, John Down, R J Gillanders

Ordinary Members (Regular) -
T G Matheson, J A Gordon, Jas. Robertson, R J Gillanders, J Munro, W W Gillanders, J Down, W S Grant, J McDonald, Dr Maclean, J Hossack, W Cameron, Provost Sutherland, Rod. McLennan, W George, Geo. Down

Ordinary Members (Occasional) -
Jas. D Fletcher, J Henderson, Thos. Henderson, Rev J M Gibson, Neil Wilson, J M Fraser, Colonel Hall, J M Stuart, H M Munro



Patron - Col. W C Ross.CB

President - G A St. Quintin
Vice-President - J Middleton
Representative Members - J Middleton, J W Lumsden
Chaplain -Rev W Scott
Treasurer - J F Thomson
Secretary - J W Lumsden
Committee or Council of Management -
R Crearer, D Junor, J Ross, J W Lumsden, J Middleton
Ordinary Members (Regular) -
J Middleton, J F Thomson, A Scott, H Macleod, D Junor, J W Lumsden, J Allan, T G Middleton, W Johnston, Rev W Scott, J E Scott, F Middleton, J Ross, R Crearer, J Cooper, R Ritson
Ordinary Members (Occasional) -
S Spence, M Mackenzie, G Macgregor, J Strachan, G A St Quintin, R Orr Paterson, P Hay, J Anderson, Col W C Ross, CB, M Macdonald


Curling Rink, Bridgend, Dingwall.   Date thought to be 1910.

Another view of the curling pond at Bridgend, Dingwall, taken on the same date.

The original Dingwall Curling Club was instituted at a meeting held in the Caledonian Hotel on Saturday 18 November, 1871. Chairman for the evening was Tulloch, who indicated that he could provide a site for an outdoor pond.

The club joined the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in 1872. The secretary at that time was William Mackenzie, Procurator Fiscal.

The provision of an outdoor pond bedevilled the club throughout its entire history and, indeed, appears to have been a major element in the club's eventual demise.

A receipt, dated 1909, for one hundred and forty-six pounds, eleven shillings and twopence, annotates payments to various Dingwall tradesmen, including John Fraser, contractor; specifically twelve and threepence to Wordie & Co for haulage; and fifteen shillings to the Dingwall Gasworks for tar - all for the construction of a curling pond at Bridgend. This pond was further improved in the thirties but the costs seem to have involved the club in long-term debts, which were not cleared until 1938. At this point, membership had fallen to such an extent it was agreed to wind up the club.

Dingwall curling was always involved closely with the Strathpeffer club. An extant document shows that the Dingwall club was granted use of four rinks at Elsick in 1927. But, of much greater interest, the two clubs met in competition for the Wallace Challenge Kettle twice a year. The original letter, containing the challenge and the rules governing the competition, was issued by A Wallace from the Strathpeffer Spa Hotel on the 28 September1905. Is it possible that the challenge can be revived?

Clubs in these times also issued membership cards, listing teams and skips. Dingwall names included in that for 1909-10 were D M Watt (grandfather of the present editor of the Ross-shire Journal), Wylie Hill (President), T S H Burns, J C Robertson and W J Duncan - all 'well kent names' even today.

Extract from Ross-shire Journal of 9 January 1920:

"Curlers have had excellent ice at Dingwall over three days, first on the artificial pond and by Saturday on natural ice at Bridgend. Rinks skipped by Mr W Ross, Bridgend, ex-Provost Henderson, Captain A M Macintyre and Mr James Cumming were successful over the three days."

The Dingwall club was pre-eminently involved in the birth of the fledgling Province on 22 November 1893, as it was their secretary, P A Yule, who issued the original letter inviting all Ross-shire clubs to set up 'a Curling Association'. It is therefore appropriate to end these historical notes by welcoming the renaissance of the Dingwall club, initially as the Highland River Purification Board but now known, once again, as Dingwall Curling Club. Club members include Andy Rosie (also Province Match Secretary), Stewart Christie, Roger Courts and Isobel Meldrum.

The revitalised club has proved a successful combination. Since 1981 it has won virtually all the Provincial trophies at one time or another, including the Allan Moore League. Outwith the Province, they have also won the Inverness Super League 1987-88 and have represented the Province in many Area 10 and even International competitions.

On this upbeat note for Ross-shire curling, can I say once again that intending curlers are welcome in all of the Provincial clubs. Join us next season.

Instituted 1880 Readmitted 1967


Patrons -
His Grace The Duke and Earl of Sutherland, Andrew Carnegie, Esq., LL.D., of Skibo
C D Barrow, Esq. of Northfield
Patronesses -
Her Grace The Duchess of Sutherland, Mrs Carnegie of Skibo, Mrs Barrow, Northfield,
Mrs Hamilton Bruce, The Grange

President - W L Hacon
Vice-President - David Peters
Representative Members - Provost Sutherland, James Inglis
Chaplain -Rev D Grant, DD
Treasurer and Secretary - John McCrone
Committee or Council of Management -
W G Moore, M Macdonald, John Sutherland, Hector Murray, R R Johnstone, J Hay Arthur, R McKay, D Campbell, A S Weir
Ordinary Members (Regular) -
James Inglis, Fred. Nicolson, W G Moore, G R Kennedy, Rev D Grant, R L Neill, Robert McKay, R R Johnstone, Wm Munro, Dr MacLachlan, W Fraser, A S Weir, J Sutherland, W S Fraser, Provost W Sutherland, T D Currie, Hugh Munro, J Hay Arthur, John McCrone, Hector Murray, David Peters, H M Mackay, James F Hardie, Alex Murray, M Macdonald, W. L Hacon, R McRae, Chas. Gillespie, C H Urquhart, D Campbell, D Fergusson, John Barclay, Andrew Innes, D F McLeod, Alex Moore, John Bell, John Grant, A Campbell, A F Maclennan, J Mackintosh, George Grant, Sgt. Robertson, Neil Murray

Newspaper report of 7 February 1907:
The second annual bonspiel for the County Cup and Medal took place on the pond of the Dornoch Curling Club, at Lochintreel, on Friday last, when no less than fourteen rinks took part, as follows: 4 from Dornoch, 3 from Golspie, 2 from Brora, 2 from Lairg, and 3 from Bonar.

The ice was not in good order, and had considerable bias which made play further difficult and uncertain. Frost was keen throughout the previous night, but thaw set in before play was commenced, which made the ice smuggy.

During the day a number of visitors were on the ice, and took keen interest in the play. Mr Inglis, Achley, a veteran curler, attended as referee and umpire, and at the end had one or two knotty points to dispose of, which he did to the satisfaction of all parties.

Mrs Campbell, of the Cafe, Dornoch, attended to the creature comforts of the players in the accustomed fashion by providing a sumptuous repast of the never-failing Irish stew.


President - J McKinlay

Representative Members - J McKinlay, A W Mackenzie
Secretary and Treasurer - Vacant
Total Membership - 20

The Club was formed in 1880 and has functioned almost continuously since then.

Bonspiels took place on Loch-an-Treel, just outside the town, until a four-lane outdoor rink was constructed in 1913. The Club had borrowed a considerable sum to construct the rink and, due to the First World War, this was not repaid fully until the mid 1920s. The rink fell into disrepair in the 1970s but the Club is planning to re-surface it within the next year.

When the Ice Rink in Inverness opened in 1965 the Dornoch Club joined the Ross Province and has enjoyed many years of good crack. When the Ice Rink opened in Brora in 1985 the Sutherland Province was formed and Dornoch's place in the Ross Province appeared to be at an end. To the delight of the Dornoch players the Caberfeidh club invited the Dornoch club to continue playing in the Ross Province under the Caberfeidh banner.

This link between the two Provinces has proved to be fruitful and the opening of the Dornoch Bridge has increased the opportunities for the two Provinces to meet in friendly competition both in Inverness and in Brora.

Instituted 1853 Admitted 1861


President - Sir Charles Ross, Bart.
Vice-President - W H Murray of Geanies
Representative Members - Dr Ellison, A M Clark
Chaplain - Rev Wm. Macpherson
Treasurer and Secretary - A M Clark

Committee or Council of Management -
John Forsyth, James Clarke, Thomas Hall, A F Gardiner, A Ellison, Dr Ellison

Ordinary Members (Regular) -
W H Murray, A M Clarke, James M Teas, H Macdonald, Dr Ellison, J Williamson, W McPherson, James Taylor, John Forsyth, James Clarke, A Mackenzie, Henry Sim, A Ellison, Dr Vass, D Fraser, A McLean, Geo. Middleton, Dr Cook, Thomas Hall, John Wright, Alex. Wallace, Charles Gordon, A F Gardiner, Hugh Shannon, Donald Ross, Robert Murray, K Murray


Patrons -
Count de Serra Largo of Tarlogie, Capt. G G Clarke, Kirksheaf, J Shaw MacLaren of Ardlarach
Patronesses -
The Countess de Serra Largo, Mrs Clarke, Kirksheaf, Mrs Shaw MacLaren

President - Roderick Finlayson
Vice-President - Provost Donald Fowler
Representative Members - R T Stewart, Alex MacBean
Chaplain - Rev R Hutchinson
Treasurer and Secretary - Donald McLeod
Committee or Council of Management -
John Mackenzie, Rev R Hutchinson, James Stephen, Donald Fowler, W J Munro, W Urquhart
Ordinary Members (Regular) -
W J Macdonald, Sidney Jennins, Rev R Hutchinson, R T Stewart, W Ross, R Mackenzie, John Mackenzie, Donald Ross, W Urquhart, Thos. Grierson, James Stephen, H M Fraser, A MacBean, Hugh Mackenzie, W T McTavish, R Finlayson, Don. Fowler, Don. McLeod
Ordinary Members (Occasional) -
John Munro, Duncan MacPherson, R K Dawson, J R Strachan, Alex Munro, John Gunn, Geo. McLean, John Gallie, J Shaw McLaren, W J Munro, Donald Ross 2, Chas. McKenzie, W W Mackay, G M Munro


President - Provost Maitland

Representative Members - E W Fox, D McLeod
Treasurer and Secretary - Donald McLeod
Ordinary Members (Regular) -
Hugh Mackenzie, W Ross, M Mackay, J R Strachan, Don. McLeod, W J Munro, T Wooley, E W Fox, Don. Mackenzie
Ordinary Members (Occasional) -
Sergt. Allan, Hugh Ross, Chas. McKenzie, Rev A Cameron, Donald Ross, G G McIntosh, A McBean, D Sinclair, T H Pruden, D F Mackenzie

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