Sheena Munro.   A lifelong enthusiast for language, she taught and latterly advised in Modern Languages in Highland Region schools. As a member of the Black Isle Writers Group, she has recently collaborated with her friend Chris Haxton on 'Moods and Memories', published by Black Isle Writers, April 2002.

Highland Culture


Here, where the spring-fed burn,
chilled with the thrifty memories of winter,
probed the recumbent ground and urged to waking:
here, they locked hands and hearts.

Here, in the grey still kirk,
before their smiling friends and solemn neighbours,
gravely they vowed to bear each other's sorrows
and share each other's joys.

Here, where the rowan tree
bowed to the winter storms, grew strong in spring,
blazed in the autumn, chasing fearful darkness,
they toiled together.

Here, on these friendly slopes
and frowning crags, their children climbed and ran,
sang with the birds, and learned to love the land
that gave them nurture.

Here, where the straggling weeds
creep over smoke-scarred stones that mutely mourn
for dreams and visions rudely sacrificed,
the grey sky weeps.

Sheena Munro

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