Nigg and Shandwick History

Nigg and Shandwick Community Collage

Evening at Nigg pier, c.1926.

Sign near old hall which used to be on site of Arabella car park. LtoR: Mr Frank Gray (visitor from London), George Ross (Geordie), Donald Ross Snr.

James and John Ross in garden at Lower Bayfield before going off to collect cows, c. late 1920's.

School photo of Ross family taken at Nigg School, c. late 1920s.  John, Hannah, Marion, James, Donald (Doy).

LtoR: Donald Ross (DOY), Donald Ross Snr., John Ross, George John Munro

Guides outside old Nigg Hall, c. late 1930's.
Back Row: ? Cissie Mackenzie from Ferry, ? ? Mrs Budge ?, Florence Ross, Catherine Mackay (Rev N Mackay's daughter), Mary Cormack,?
Kneeling:Evelyn Ross, Tina Dingwall? Jean Ross, Tina Dingwall?

WRI outing taken from outside of Nigg Hotel.
l-r: Mrs Ross (Mrs Thom's mother), ?, Bus Driver, ?

Nigg Parish Photographs

People 2 

Jessie Macleod's nieces, Katie and Janet Maclean, from Davidson Farm in Cromarty, c.1920.

Danny Macleod at Broomhill Cottage when it had a thatched roof c.1926.

 l-r: Jessie Macleod, Mr Bell, Danny Macleod, Mrs Bell at Broomhill Cottage, c.1926

Vida (Mrs Thom's aunt/Danny Macleod's daughter) and Danny Macleod outside Broomhill Cottage, c.1920s.

Danny Macleod and his wife Jessie at Broomhill Cottage c.1928.

?Dorothy Bell? at Bayfield loch, c.1926.

Jessie Macleod (Mrs Thom's grandmother) and her two sisters at Broomhill, c.1926.

Danny Macleod or Danny the boat as he was often called (Mrs Thom's grandfather), in Pitcalzean Wood outside Broomhill Cottage, c.1926.

Danny Macleod (grandfather of Mrs Thom), at Broomhill Cottage, c.1928.

l-r:  Mrs Thom's Uncle Donny, Danny Macleod, Big Hughie in ground rented from Pitcalzean Estate at the back of Broomhill known as the 'the park' which was crofted by Danny Macleod. c.1920s.

RAF dingy belonging to Billy Ross (Mrs Thom's brother).  L-r:  Sheila (Billy's and Mrs Thom's sister), Billy, Jessie (older sister of Mrs Thom and Billy), and Mr Bates (Jessie's father-in-law) inthe sea below Broomhill, c.1950.

Mary Ann Macdonald's house Elder Cottage with Eric Bates (Mrs Thom's nephew) in foreground., c.1951.

Billy Mackenzie (Mrs Thom's son) on Nigg Road with Patsy the cow and Mrs Thom's father William Ross. Shop house in background,  c.1956.

Janet Ross of Broomhill (mother of Mrs Thom) and her daughter-in-law Janet, c.1956. Shop House and ruin of William Ross's house in the background. Strip of sandstone going into the sea adjacent to Honeysuckle Cottage and called 'the rocky' can also be seen in the background.

Billy Mackenzie (Mrs Thom's son) at the hill of 'the park' catching tadpoles from the water tubs which collected water from the hill.  L-r in background: Broomhill Cottage, Broomhill, and Arthur Skinner's house Briar Cottage, c.1957.

Heather Mackenzie (Mrs Thom's daughter) on beach in front of Broomhill. Photo also shows bulwark which protected the land form the sea. Circa 1926

Heather Mackenzie (Mrs Thom's daughter) on Nigg beach, c.1963.

Heather Mackenzie with Balnabruach Village in backgound showing Shop House, Meeting House, Broomhill and Briar Cottage, c.1963.  [Wonder what her mother said about the state of her dress!]

Mrs Thom's son Billy and her God-daughter Ann Thomson on the beach below Pitcalzean Wood, c.1963.

L-r:  Below Broomhill, c.1969. Fiona Thomson (Mrs Thom's niece) and Heather Mackenzie (Mrs Thom's daughter) showing Nigg Point and Black Isle in the background. Also shows Shepherd's Hill at Dunskaith on the left hand side. 

 l-r:  Lyn Thomson (Mrs Thom's niece) and friend at Broomhill. Shows start of Hi-fab yard in background.  c.1974

Possibly Shandwick beach.

Possibly Shandwick beach.

Back row l-r:  Marion, Evelyn, Florence, Hannah.  Front row l-r: George, Mary, Jean, Granny Macintosh and Mrs Ross to right of photo.  Taken at Lower Bayfield, c. late 1920s.

John, James, Donald (nicknamed Doy), George, and Billy (school friend), c. late 1920's.

Larchie the dog with George playing with toy gun at Lower Bayfield, c. late 1920s.

Florence, Marion Evelyn, Jean, Mary in garden at Lower Bayfield.

Florence, Marion, Evelyn, Jean in the garden at Lower Bayfield, c.1930s.

 Nannette and Evelyn in garden at Lower Bayfield, c. late 1930's.

Nanette with bicycle in garden at Lower Bayfield, c. late 1930s.

l-r:  Donald Ross, Donald Ross Snr (carpenter), James Ross, c.1935.  Father and brothers of Florence Ross (Pettit).

John Ross with Jenny the pet goat on lead, Nigg Road at Lower Bayfield, c.1935.
Donald Ross Snr and Mr Gray (visitor from London), c.1938.

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