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Nigg and Shandwick Community Collage

A fishwife from the Seaboard, c.1890.

Bayfield Mill Wheel, c1910.
l-r: Back:  John Munro (last meal miller in Nigg), Robert George Munro, Christina Munro (wife).  l-r: Front:  John Munro [Father of Chrissie Ross (Munro)], William David Munro, Donald Munro.

 Peter D Robertson (in kilt) with friend, Castlecraig House, c.1913.

Alexander Polson, schoolmaster at Nigg School, c.1914.

Mrs Polson, shoolmaster wife. Their only child died and is buried in Nigg Old Churchyard - seemingly school friends are remembered as having collected and laid wild primroses on his grave.

Nurse Helen Sinclair, who lived at Nurse's Cottage, having been born in Caithness. Photo taken outside Gardener's Cottage, c.1940s, of Nurse Sinclair in uniform.

Alfred Koessl, a German POW who worked at Old Shandwick and lived in the Bothy there.

Photo of l-r: Dolina (Dolly), Helen and Jessie Macleod with Mrs Maxwell c1905.
l-r: Dolina (Dolly), Helen and Jessie Macleod with Mrs Maxwell c1905.

Letter - Details unknown
Letter - Details unknown


Nigg Parish Photographs

People 1

Grandchildren playing at Nigg c.1904

Boy on boat, below Broomhill, c.1920-22.

Golfers at Nigg golf course, c.1904.

Golfer at Nigg golf course, c.1904.

Shandwick fishwife Mrs Ross, and daughter Daisy preparing fish for smoking, c.1920s.

William Skinner, New Street, Shandwick, with a prepared "long line" of 1000 hooks, arranged ready to be placed in a creel to be put out to sea.

Mrs Christnina Ross, landlady of the Nigg ferry Hotel, c1890/1900, with her son, "Tommy the Bobby" and daughter Grace - ancestors of Moulie and Babity Ross.

Rev Martin's garden party at Middle Manse - Moderator's visit 1959.

Rev Martin's garden party at Middle Manse - Moderator's visit 1959.

c.1940s.  L-r: Ali Munro (Alex Macrae's nephew) Alex Macrae (Pitcalnie), Duncan Macrae (Alex Macrae's brother), Alex Mackay (Cath's brother).

Alex Mackay at Gardener's Cottage, c.1940-50.

William Mackay (Cath's father), who was gardener at at Nigg House but sometimes helped out on the Farm, shown ploughing with horses.

William Mackay (father) on left helping out with the harvest at Nigg Mains, c1950.

Photo taken outside Gardener's Cottage before the final of the Drama Competion held in Tain, c 1940.

Alex Mackay, member of the ATC at Tain, where he cycled to training, c. late 1930s?

Cath's brother Billy was an ambulance driver in Tain, c.1940s, and this is his ambulance with his brother and his mother, taken outside Gardener's Cottage.

Cath's father William Mackay, who was gardener at Nigg House for Mr and Mrs Douglas. Phoot taken outside stables where the cars were garaged. William Mackay is seen with a Rover car which he drove fot the Douglases, c.1940s.

Jessie and Helen Macleod, c.1920s.

Helen Macleod outside Dunskaith, c.1920s.

Helen Macleod (on right) with her cousin, c.1972.

Perhaps on right is Uncle Andrew (Ross) - others unknown.

l-r:  Dolina (Dolly), Helen and Jessie Macleod with Mrs Maxwell c.1905.

l-r: Great Granny (known as 'little granny') with Mrs Maxwell outside Dunskaith House, c.1905.

Great granny at Ivy Cottage, c.1910.

Great Granny (known as 'little granny'), c.1910, who brought up Dolina, Helen and Jessie with their mother when their father died.

Four generations, c.193's.  l-r: Annie Macleod (Dolly's mother), Great Granny (known as 'little granny '), Donald Goodwin (Dolly's son), Dolly Goodwin (nee Macleod).

Donald Goodwin (Dolly's only son), c.1950s, on Nigg Beach collecting lugworms. Donald died suddenly in 1956

Mrs Hughina Rose, left Nigg School 1971.

 On the roof of Dunskaith House, c.1950s.  l-r: Ian Fletcher and son, Teenie Mackenzie (Golf Course Cottage), Helen Macleod ( Ivy Cottage), Donald Goodwin (Dolly's son), Anne Wilson (Jessie's daughter).

Mackenzie family c.1940s.  Back l.-r:  ?, Mary, ?, Pinkie (Jessie), ?  Front l.-r:  Jimmy, ?, ?

Mr and Mrs Alex Macrae, Pitcalnie Holdings.

l-r:  Granny (Annie Macleod), John Wilson (Annie's father), Mrs Jean Wilson (John's mother/Anne's granny), ?, c1930s.

Uncle Andrew (great uncle of Anne Wilson) whose wife tragically drowned near Nigg Jetty, who was gardener at Dunskaith House, c1905.

Uncle Andrew, gardener at Dunskaith (great uncle of Anne Wilson).

Boat at Nigg - persons unknown.

Boat on Nigg Sands.  l-r: Possibly David Bain's father, Mrs James Romanes, possibly Miss Charlotte Romanes, Dan Macleod (Muir's father), William Macleod (Jessie's Granfather), ?

c.1940s.  l-r:  Duncan Macrae, Alex Macrae, Ali Munro, Mrs Macrae.

c.1940s.  l-r:  Duncan Macrae, Alex Macrae, Alex Mackay, Ali Munro.

c.1940s.  Back, l-r:  Duncan Macrae, Alex Mackay.  Front, l-r:  Ali Munro, Mrs Macrae.

Outside Gardener's Cottage, c.1930/40s.  l-r:  Alex Mackay, Arthur Innes.

Bert Mackenzie, Tarbert 1952.

Captain Wood, Nigg Camp.

Major Gilstrap and pipe band, Nigg Camp 1915.

Major Tommy (?) Finn (?), Nigg Camp.

No information

No information

No information.  All three photos perhaps Land Army girls?

George Ross, Nigg Farm shepherd's son, who lived at Nigg Lodge (now Tigh-na-Mara), in his RAF uniform.

Betty Robertson (right) and Anne Robertson returning from swimming at Nigg. Shepherd's cottage immediately behind.  Nigg Ferry and Dunskaith as it was about 1935.

No information.

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