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Maryburgh Community Collage

Maryburgh School and pupils of old.

Maryburgh School in later years.

"Pupil" Bruce White being punished by "headmaster" Tom Thomas.  [Photo courtesy of Scottish Provincial Press]

Mrs Ara Morrison holding the Dux Medal presented by Lord Seaforth to James Macrae in 1903.  [Photo courtesy of Scottish Provincial Press]

And then the bulldozers moved in .....

And then there was nothing left.  [Photos RCHS]

Maryburgh Events

Members of Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society who are residents of Maryburgh felt that the closure of Maryburgh Primary School should be marked in some way in order to reflect its history, dating as it does from 1864 as a Free Church School and from the 1872 Education Act as a "public" school until its closure on Friday 29 June 2012.

A history of the school had been compiled in book form by means of various documents, registers, individual memories and photographs sourced from far and wide and it was felt that an exhibition would complement the launch of the book.  

Accordingly, even more effort went into securing artefacts illustrating the school's history over 150 years.

The exhibition, held over two days on 19 and 20 October 2012 was well attended, with a constant stream of visitors all keen to get a glimpse of themselves on the display boards, find a relation in the records folders, or admire the various trophies on display.

The "heidie" (Tom Thomas) took great delight in making sure that donations went in the inkwell of the desk (kindly loaned by Leanne Urquhart), and the threat of the tawse (loaned by Tommy Menzies) was more than enough to make folk dig into their pockets!

Through book sales, donations, a coffee shop and miscellaneous sales it was possible for RCHS to make a substantial contribution towards the upkeep of Maryburgh Amenities Centre.

RCHS members are grateful to all who make the official celebration of Maryburgh Primary School such a success which is due in part to those who attended the exhibition and those who contributed photographs and memories.

Examining one of the many photographs.  [Photo courtesy of Scottish Provincial Press]

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