Maryburgh History

Maryburgh Community Collage

Seaforth Hall

Plaque on west end of hall.

The hall from the old A9 road.

Seaforth Hall

Lady Seaforth was very generous. She had the Drill Hall built at the east end of Maryburgh. One of the other things she provided was a pianola. Sometimes at concerts she would join in the entertainment by whistling tunes as her party piece.

The hall in use

Miss Reid's Scottish Country Dancing group.
Back row, l-r:  Sandy ('the piper') Mackenzie, David Sutherland, Colin Mackenzie, Keith Alexander.
Front row, l-r:  Margaret Jack, Morag Macintosh (later Polson), Miss Reid, Miss Jessie Reid, Barbara Mackenzie (wife of Colin), Rona Macrae

From l-r:  Unknown, David Sutherland, Keith Alexander, Margaret Jack, Morag Macintosh, Rona Macrae.

The hall was a valuable centre for the community.  Maryburgh school children were taught in the hall when the school was under repair.  The three classes were separated by curtains.  There was also a playingfield adjacent to the hall.

Harry Franklin remembers playing football in the playing field at the hall. 'We would play at the Prisoner of War camp too - no grass though, only ashes. We had many games with the M.Ps (misplaced persons) and the Germans. The Germans were great footballers and we enjoyed the good times. The Germans didn't have any guards, not so the M.Ps. Their guards would join in the games.'

Maryburgh's Coronation Queen, Margaret Jack, with attendants Alice Dunbar (left) and Dorothy Cameron (right).  The young attendant front right is possibly Margaret Ross.

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