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On Friday 29 June 2012 the doors of Maryburgh Primary School closed for the last time, the school having been an important feature in the community from 1860 for a total of 152 years.

This rather ornate medal was the annual award to the Dux Pupil of Maryburgh School
This rather ornate medal was the annual award to the Dux Pupil of Maryburgh School by Lord Seaforth and was photographed for the Millennium Exhibition when it was on show as the medal won by James Macrae in 1903. The first Dux prize was awarded in 1872 to Andrew Gillanders but it was only in 1900 that "Seaforth's medal" was mentioned in the school logbook. The last mention of the medal is in 1926, although "Dux" is mentioned in subsequent prizegivings. The medal shown was provided by John R Frew, Jeweller, 61 High Street, Dingwall.

Another Dux Medal is that presented to Sarah Menzies in 1917.  [Photo courtesy of Mrs Mackenzie, Drumnadrochit, Sarah's daughter.]

Sarah Menzies would have been one of the three daughters in this photograph of the Menzies family.
School Photograph from 1912
Photograph c. 1912, courtesy of Mr Alistair Urquhart, who identified family member John Stewart, 4th from left in row 4. Headmaster is Donald Mackay.

School Photograph from 1912
Photograph c.1912, courtesy of Mr Alistair Urquhart who identified family members: Mary Stewart, 3rd row, 6th from left; Duncan Stewart, 5th row, extreme left; and William Stewart, 5th row, 5th from left.
Teachers have been identified as Donald Mackay, headmaster, and (possibly) Miss J C Riach, teacher.

1930s School Photograph
1930. Teachers are Miss Watt (left) and Miss Campbell (right). Only pupil identified is possibly Catherine Maclennan (6th from left in third row)

School Photograph (date unknown)
Date unknown
Front row, l-r: ?, ?, ?, Chrissie Mackenzie, ?, Emmie Gammie, ?, ?,
2nd row, l-r: all unknown except teacher Miss Campbell
3rd row, l-r: Miss Watt (teacher), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Edmund Macgregor, ?
[Information supplied by Joan Williams]

School Photograph (date unknown)
Front row, l-r: Danny Ferguson, Kennor Mackenzie, Colin Mackenzie
2nd row, l-r: Dorothy Maclennan, Rita Taylor, Argo Sutherland, Moira Duff, Amelia ("Maimie") Macrae, Alice Mackenzie, Olive Sutherland, Marie Macbeath, Rhoda Macintosh, Isabella ("Babe") Macrae
3rd row, l-r: Miss J Riach (teacher), Alix Macintosh, Peggy ? Macdonald, Bunty Ingram, Joan Williams, Flo Macrae, Ina Ferguson, Nellie Ross, Margaret Chisholm, Cathy Macintosh
4th row, l-r: James Maclennan, John Macbeath, ?, Angus Mackay, ?, James Mackenzie, Sidney Franklin, Alick John Maclennan, Ronnie Chisholm, Gordon Macpherson, Murdo Campbell
[Information supplied by Peggy Bentley and Joan Cunningham]

School Photograph (date unknown)
Front row, l-r: Daisy Stewart, ?, ?, ?, Mairie Munro, Nancy Stewart, ?, ?
2nd row, l-r: ?, Mary Macdonald, remainder unknown
3rd row, l-r: Miss J A Campbell (teacher), ?, ?, ?, ?, Andrew Duff, Sandy Maclennan, ?, ?, Hugh Chisholm, Harry Franklin
[Information supplied by Joan Cunningham]

School Photograph (date unknown)
Front row, l-r: Campbell Cunningham, Arthur Hendry, John Maclean, William Stuart
2nd row, l-r: Margaret Reid, Tilda Macdonald, Marjory Menzies, Peggy Maclean, Chrissie Maclean
3rd row, l-r: John Macdonald (headmaster), Barbara Macrae, ____ Coghill, Georgie Macintosh, Blanche Sutherland, Eva Macintosh, Sheila Macdonald, Donella Maclennan
4th row, l-r: ?, ?, ?, Forbes Beaton, Hector Mackenzie, ?, ___ Tough, Bobby Ingram
[Information supplied by Peggy Bentley (nee Maclean) and Joan Cunningham (nee Williams)]
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