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Maryburgh Community Collage
In 2015 there was listed for sale by Dingwall and Highland Marts a visitors' book originating from Brahan Castle and featuring photographs and artwork of those who had enjoyed hospitality there in the early part of the 20th century.

The auction mart staff had photographed each page in the album and gave permission to Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society to reproduce this aspect of the heritage of Maryburgh.  The entries date from 1903-1911.


This page in the visitors' book includes the signature of (Sir) Ernest Shackleton.

Photographs of Lord Seaforth's dogs feature in the album.  Some of these may well lie under the headstones in The Dell.


Brahan Castle visitors (all photographs courtesy of Dingwall and Highland Marts)

Some of the watercolours in the book have the initials "MSS" and are, presumably, the work of Mary Stewart-Mackenzie (Lady Seaforth) while others may have been contributed by guests. 

The River Conon at Brahan.

Photographs of the same area of the river.

There are photographs of Brahan Castle and its surroundings.

Front view

Side view

Driveway leading to the castle - "The Dell" on the right.

Winter views

The grounds in winter.

View from The Dell area

Near the walled garden? (glasshouses in background)

Lord and Lady Seaforth were extremely generous benefactors and these photograpsh show the opening of the Volunteer Drill Hall in Maryburgh on 19 November 1906.  This was for the training of 'H' Company, 1st Volunteer Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders.

This photograph was taken at the laying of the foundation stone of the Seaforth Sanatorium on 27 November 1908 - another example of the generosity of Lord and Lady Seaforth.

Lady Seaforth was interested in sewing and craftwork and this photograph may depict a stall at one of her fund-raising ventures.

The visitors


Could the man on the left be Ernest Shackleton?

Lord Seaforth with Andrew Carnegie.

Photographs thought to be of  the hosts, Lord and Lady Seaforth


Lady Seaforth?

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