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Mary Gordon Ross (later Menzies) 248962 J/Cmdr ATS Catering Pool, Army School Cookery, Aldershot.  Left 28 September 1945.  BEM. Mentioned in Dispatches.

This is the official list confirming the commendation awarded to Mary Gordon Ross.  Her name is marked with blue ink in the left margin.

Mary Gordon Ross (later Menzies)


The first member of the A.T.S. to enter Germany, was Junior Commander Mary Gordon Ross, of Culbokie, Ross-shire, who, since February, has been Catering Adviser to a British General Hospital of the Rhone.
She arrived at the hospital only 24 hours after it opened with 300 beds, she heard guns not many miles away. Within the first week 1,400 new patients were admitted, but this Scots girl, who was trained at a London catering establishment before the war, was not flustered, and both wounded men and staff got all the food they needed.
Junior Commander Ross started her A.T.S. career as a cook, and worked her way through the ranks to sergeant major before being commissioned. She later ran an A.T.S. cookery school in the West of England and was also messing for a time to a unit of the Seaforth Highlanders. She still wears her skirt of Seaforth Tartan with her uniform when off duty.
Now that the war in Europe is over, she continues to cater for anything from 500 to 1,500 people of all nationalities, including allied wounded, German prisoners of war and hundreds of "displaced persons" as well as the hospital staff.
She wants to stay on in the A.T.S., but her chief ambition is to do the same sort of job for a military hospital in the Far East.

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