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Lochcarron Community Collage
Lochcarron Free Church with the old church and the manse in the background.  [Photograph:  Alex Ingram]

Lochcarron Churches

East Church Lochcarron  [Photograph:  Alex Ingram]

Interior of East Church  [Photograph:  Alex Ingram]

Rev George Martin and his wife i Lochcarron Church.  [Photograph:  Alex Ingram]

The history of Lochcarron East Church/Lochcarron Parish Church continues ....

The church, now a Grade B listed building, was built in 1836 and had the ability to contain 700-800 people.  It was de-consecrated c.2005 and became privately owned until re-sold in 2018 to Justin Tujil and TyLean Polley whose website - www.lochcarronchurch.com -
details their aims.

We have a very big project ahead of us, as the church does need extensive repairs and services installed, but we intend to convert the two downstairs rooms into a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  The main part of the church we want to preserve as much as possible.  We both work in the arts, so this wil be an ideal creative space for both of us, and we thought perhaps in the future we may hold events there.  On the whole, we mostly want to preserve the church as much as possible and install renewable, eco-friendly services. 

Our purchase of the church is only the footprint of the church itself.  The graveyard will remain in the possession of Highland Council for maintenance.

Location, location, location.

Work begins.

The former communion table.

[All photos courtesy of Justin Tujil and TyLean Polley.]

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