Kiltearn Work 

Kiltearn Community Collage

Harvested fields, Ardullie.

Kiltearn Work - Agriculture

The photographs which follow show harvesting on Foulis Estate and are courtesy of Fraser Skinner.

The Cromarty Firth from Ardullie Farm on the Foulis Estate, looking towards Invergordon, with the firth curving round to the Sutors.

Views from the same location.

The Cromarty Firth and Bridge from rear of Ardullie Farm cottages. 

Lemlair House, possibly c.1900

Lemlair House vegetable garden, possibly c. 1900 

Lemlair farm steading and farm workers c.1900
Could gentleman at front right be owner Mr Wylie Hill?

Lemlair farm workers' cottages.  For some years the cottage on the right (with gable end facing the road) was "Lemlair Side School" catering for pupils from Primary 1 to 5.  The teacher, Miss Margaret Mackenzie, came daily from her home in Tain, via train to Foulis Station where she collected her bicycle and - in all weathers - cycled the 1½ miles to the school.
Toilet facilities consisted of two chemical toilets in a hut in the adjacent wood - one cubicle for the teacher and one for all the pupils.  Slates and slate pencils were used for writing and arithmetic.  In cold weather Miss Mackenzie would boil water (gained from an outside tap) for cocoa for the pupils - on a stove of some kind, probably paraffin.  The school closed sometime in the 1960s.  
On Sunday afternoons the Rev Archibald Campbell (Cof S) or the Rev John Macdonald (FC) conducted services.  
The children's playground was either the area in front of the cottages or the adjacent wood.  In two corners of the semi-rectangular wall surrounding the cottages were open "middens" and a rat-infested burn ran under the playground area.  Health and safety??  Despite these drawbacks it was a very happy little school. 

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