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Foulis Castle, ancestral home of the Clan Munro.  [Photo source unknown]

In July 2014 there was a Gathering of Clan Munro members in the grounds of Foulis Castle.  Part of the weekend's activities included a walk to the top of Fyrish hill (on the hottest day of the summer!) where lies the monument built in 1782 by Sir Hector Munro of Novar, it being a replica of the gates of Negapatam, in India, where Sir Hector had served as a member of the British Army.

Almost at the top.

Looking down on Evanton industrial estate, site of a WW2 airfield.

The above five photographs sweep along the Cromarty firth from the Sutors westwards.

Four photos of the monument.  [Above photos RCHS]

Balconie Castle

Between the late 15th and 17th century this castle was held by the Clan Munro family.  
By World War 2 it was owned as a summer residence by George Bankes.  Requisitioned by the Army it was used as a billet for personnel at the nearby Royal Naval Air Station.  
Post-war it was purchased by an Alness timber merchant and lay empty.  Dry rot was found and the castle was considered to be so unsafe that demolition was the only solution.  This took place in the 1960s and the stone was used in the new Smelter at Invergordon.
There is little remaining, apart from a field, an icehouse and the walled garden.

Lady Balconie
Legend has it that there was a Lady Balconie who was trained by a witch.  The lady is said to have proved her powers by raising the castle several feet into the air, then lowering it, intact.
Lady Balconie was also in league with the Devil, whose abode was in the local Black Rock gorge. One night Lady Balconie crept out of the castle to meet the Devil, but was followed by her maid and, as Lady B entered the gorge and looked back, she saw the maid and, removing the ring with the castle keys from her belt, she threw them to her.  It is said that on the side of the gorge there is an impression of the ring and keys where they struck the rock.
When mist rises from the gorge it is said to be from the fire where Lady Balconie is baking for her master, the Devil .......... 

Kiltearn Features

Entrance to Evanton from the South (war memorial on left and Fyrish in background)

The War Memorial is situated near the western entrance to the village, close to the school. It is built of grey granite blocks with inscriptions on three sides.
Map ref. NH 605 658

War Memorial and memorial bench.

Plaque on memorial bench.

Front of memorial.

North face.

South face

Fyrish monument (RCHS)

View from Fyrish looking towards entrance to Cromarty Firth.  Note oilrigs moored off Invergordon.  (RCHS)

Kiltearn beach on the Cromarty Firth, at high tide.

View of Black Isle, looking towards the Cromarty Bridge.  (photo Mr Munro, Dallas, USA)

Black Rock caravan park.  (RCHS photo taken some years ago.)

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