Kilmuir and Logie Easter Places

Kilmuir and Logie Easter Community Collage

Mull Hall Residential Home

Kilmuir and Logie Easter Public Buildings

Milton Primary School

The former Kilmuir Easter School

The school was built in 1876 and educated the children of the surrounding area for almost a hundred years until 1975. It is known that, prior to 1876, a school did exist on this site and was in those days classed as a Grammar School. By the end of the 19th Century, secondary education was centralised and the teaching of classics and other advanced subjects in Kilmuir Easter School ceased. In 1869, the schoolmaster, Thomas Guthrie Meldrum, started winter evening classes for adults, who had probably worked manually for 12 hours before coming to the school, for 2 hours in the evening, to improve their education. In 1975 a new open plan primary school was built at the nearby village of Milton and Kilmuir Easter School closed. Today it is home to Old School Pine where quality pine furniture is made and retailed.

Polnicol Hall, Kilmuir Easter
1957: destroyed by arson; 1959: rebuilt, main contractors being - 1. Pat Munro, Alness; 2. William Ross, Joiner, Barbaraville. One of many features installed by William Ross is the birch interlock flooring still well preserved and maintained.  1997: A council improvement scheme was completed including central heating and double glazed windows.

Delny Station and Crossing

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