Kilmuir and Logie Easter Work

Kilmuir and Logie Easter Community Collage

Milton New Mill [photo RCHS]

Machine Shop at Balnagown CastleMachine Shop at Balnagown Castle at the time of Sir Charles Ross [Photo courtesy of Tain Museum Trust]

Threshing Machine
Threshing Machine [Photo courtesy of Tain Museum Trust]

Work in Kilmuir and Logie

All photographs below are courtesy of Tain Museum Trust.





Storing (silo at Rhives)

Milling (Milton Mill)

Painting of Milton Mill

Kildary Smithy


 Balnagown Keeper's Cottage
The residence of head game-keepers on the estate for decades, situated ideally on an elevated site overlooking large areas of estate and home farm as well as been close to the river falls and fish hatchery. Is now converted as a guest house for patrons of estate as required.

Fire Service

Gardening - a fine crop of leeks.

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