Killearnan Places

Killearnan Community Collage

Milton of Redcastle.

Milton of Redcastle houses.

Two attractive features from the village of Milton of Redcastle.

Two views of the Mill Burn at Milton of Redcastle.

Two views of the Beauly Firth at Milton of Redcastle.

The ruins of Redcastle.

A spruce tree within Redcastle grounds.

Killearnan Places of interest

Looking east from Killearnan War Memorial.

Tore Primary School.

Looking north-west from Tore School.

Community hall, Tore.

Tore filling station and cafe.

Industrial site at Tore.

Industrial site at Tore.

The former Kilcoy Arms, Tore, now a private dwelling reverting to its original name of Kilcoy House.

Homes at Tore village.

Homes at Tore village.

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