Invergordon History

Invergordon Community Collage
Invergordon War Memorial showing Fleet in background [Photo courtesy of Invergordon Museum and their leaflet "Invergordon: World War 1 Trail}


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Invergordon History

"Wartime History:  A Town Transformed" 

On 15 July 2017 a group associated with Invergordon Museum launched this booklet showing the impact of both world wars on the town.  

Following the success of a leaflet published in 2016 by the same group, dealing with WW1 remains in Invergordon, members decided to continue their research, concentrating on the effects that WW2 had on the town.  The booklet is packed with photographs and maps of the town during both conflicts, along with information on buildings used, personnel, nationalities and services involved in the community during those times.

The booklet shows how Invergordon played a crucial role in both world wars with the town transformed by an influx of military personnel.

Sessions hosted by Invergordon Museum and led by Susan Kruze of Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands (ARCH) were supported with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Invergordon Community Council and  a private donor.  As many as 50 people attended sessions exploring memories, aerial photographs and archive information.

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New Statistical Account (1838)    Click to view

Photo courtesy of Invergordon Museum's Archive and showing town with WW1 piers and vessel in foreground.

In October 2019, as Allan Kilpatrick of Historic Environment Scotland was leading a group exploring the wartime fortifications of the North Sutor, all
attention was diverted by the arrival of the magnificent RMS Prince of Wales heading for the Port of Invergordon as part of a programme of sea trials.
[Photo courtesy of Alasdair Cameron.]
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