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Inver Community Collage
Inver Primary School pupils in 1999
Inver school pupils 1999.

Page 1  Early Visitors to Inver;  the Fishertown of Inver
Page 2 The Bodachan Baird;  Roy's Military Map of Inver
Page 3 A roof over our heads;  how we used to cook;  Div Ye Mind!
Page 4 Inver's Livelihood - The Sea;  herring fishing
Page 5  Inver School
Page 6  Miscellaneous
Page 7  The Old Shop;  Morrich Mor;  the secret life of Morrich Mor
Page 8  RAF Tain;  1800 photo gallery
Page 9 Parish of Tain Census 1841
Page 10 Parish of Tain Census 1841 - continued
Page 11 Census Tarbat 1841
Page 12 Analysis of 1841 Census information
Page 13 Analysis of Millennium Project Census information
Page 14 Analysis of Millennium Project Census information
Page 15 Analysis of Millennium Project Census information
Page 16 Analysis of Millennium Project Census information
Page 17 Analysis of Millennium Project Census information
Page 18 Analysis of Millennium Project Census information

Inver's Millennium History

Compiled by the pupils of Inver Primary School.

Above my desk in the wee corner of my garage that until recently I used as an office there is only one photograph, and that is one of Inver Primary School.

When I eventually get my office in the new Scotish Parliament building at Holyrood, I know that this picture will be hanging there - looking out at me to remind me of the community that I have had the honour to represent (wearing various hats) for the last thirteen years.

It is as simple as this: Inver has always been a pleasure - and I take some pride in all that we have been able to do together for the village over the years. Environment improvements, new play equipment and the village hall - to name but three areas where Inver has come forward - above all else this has had everything to do with Inver's outstanding community spirit.

Over the years Inver has faced many problems (including, most horrifically, the cholera epidemic) but in the end the village has survived and prospered. In telling the history of the village, the pupils of Inver Primary School tell a moving and brave tale - a tale that will speak to people far and wide.

It gives me very great pleasure to have been asked to write the introduction to this remarkable project, one which has involved a lot of hard work over the years. The pupils and staff of Inver Primary School - and indeed everyone else who has lent a hand - are to be congratulated.

In future this history will have pride of place beside my picture of the school!

Jamie Stone MSP
14th December 1999


Beauty, they say, lies in the eye of the beholder and I'm sure history does to a great extent as well. So what follows is the 'beholding' of the history of the village of Inver and the immediate area, as seen through the eyes of the pupils, both past and present.

To begin with we would like to acknowledge all the help we have received from so many people, especially those from the village, some sadly now gone, who have kindly lent pictures and shared stories. There are too many to mention by name but without their support there would have been no book! Thanks are due, as well, to those who took time to fill in our Millennium Census and to our distributors and collectors - Geoff King, Fiona Murray, June Ripley and Sylvia Dieguno.

We must also recognise the help received, on and off the computer, from the school secretary, Mary Sleith, who with husband working in Singapore, has had to learn many new computing skills to keep up with our demands!

We would also like to thank Dr James Skinner and David Alston who have shared their research with us and Estelle Quick of Tain Museum for opening up the record books. The Archivists of both Inverness and Edinburgh for digging up some interesting facts and giving us permission to print them and the librarian in the Reference section of Invemess Library for locating the Census records for us. The staff of Inverness Courier deserve a thank you too for allowing us to look through their old papers and Captain McKeown from RAF Tain for some excellent photographs.

Finally we would like to thank you for buying this book and supporting the school and we trust you will enjoy your voyage through Inver's past.


The following books and publications have been used by the pupils in
gathering information. Due to the difficulty of numbering each reference in the narrative of the book a general list is supplied. However, if anyone wishes to know where specific pieces of information came from, please contact the school.

Scenes and Legends . . . . . .  Hugh Miller
Down to The Sea . . . . . .  Jessie Macdonald, Ann Gordon
Ross And Cromarty - A Historical Guide . . .  DrDavid Alston
This Noble Harbour . . . . . . . Dr M. Ash
Tarbat - Easter Ross . . . . . . .A. Fraser, F. Munro
Calendar of Fearn 1471-1667 . . . . . . .  I. B. Cowan
Old Ross-shire and Scotland . . . . . . . . . W. MacGill
100 Years of Military Survey . . . . . . . . . . Ordnance Survey
Transactions of the Inverness Scientific and Field Club Volume VI ... Inverness Courier
Ross-shire Journal
Press and Journal
Statistical Accounts of the Parish of Tain and Tarbat

Scottish Records Office - Pitcalnie Estate Papers
Scottish Records Office - Papers on Evacuation
Tain Museum - Cadboll Estate Records
Inverness Reference Library - Census of Tain and Tarbat 1841 and 1851
Inver Primary School Log Books
A Note to Inver Primary School from Graham Thompson

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