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Inver Evacuation 1943

The Evacuation of Inver 1943-1993
A booklet to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Evacuation of Inver and surrounding area during the Second World War 1943-1993
Revised edition for the Millennium


This book has been written by classes 5, 6 and 7 of Inver Primary School to preserve some of the stories and memories of the evacuation of the village and surrounding area as sadly there are few left who can remember that period in the life of the village.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in any way in helping to produce this book, whether in sharing their memories and spending time with us or in lending photographs and memorabilia.

The enthusiasm and support that everyone has shown towards this venture is typical of the spirit displayed by those evacuated making it a truly community effort, for which we are very grateful.


Page 1 - Extracts from School Log
Page 1 - Summer of 1943
Page 1 - The Evacuation 
Page 2 - The Evacuation of the Land 
Page 3 - St. Valery 
Page 3 - RAF Tain
Page 4 - Returning
Page 4 - Incidents Remembered
Page 4 - Extract from 3rd Statistical Account
Page 4 - World War 1 - Roll of honour
Page 4 - A Plane Crash at Inver
Page 4 - 1945 Photo Gallery
Page 4 - Normandy Landings


We would like to thank the following people who have given us information and help with our booklet:
Mrs Maribel Corbett
Mrs Jessie Fraser
Miss Joanna Hain
Mrs Nellie Haddow
Miss Jaqueline MacJimpsey
Mrs May MacLeman
Mrs Ailsa Munro
Mr Finlay Munro
Mrs Polly Ross
Mrs Margaret Ross
Mrs Mary Sleith
Miss Jillian Scott
Mrs Nina Swanson
and the Ross-shire Journal

We would also like to thank David Sleith for printing it out and for all the time he has put into it.

This booklet was compiled by David Sleith on behalf of the children of Inver Primary School. All stories written and edited by the children.  All proceeds of the booklet go towards Inver Primary School Funds.

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