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Old road at Loch Glascarnoch

Military bridge over the Blackwater

Loch Glascarnoch

Scotland in 2018 had fantastic weather.  The spring which extended into a fantastic summer had lots of sunshine.  However, that meant there wasn't much rain, which adversely affected farmers and gardeners.  In addition, some of the local lochs saw a drop in their water levels, allowing us a glimpse back to the past.

One of these lochs is Loch Glascarnoch, which has seen its water level fall during the year and part of the bottom of the loch dried out, revealing a landscape that is rarely seen, and a road that is normally submerged.  So, why is there a road at the bottom of a loch?

The link to the Alternative Perspective blog below gives a summary of the history of the submerged road: 

In the Footsteps of Those Who Went Before

Silverbridge Drove Road

The footpath at Silverbridge running alongside the Blackwater river between two historic bridges that cross the river is an historic route used by both drovers and the military in the past.

The link to the Alternative Perspective blog provides some details of this historic route:

2 Bridges and Loads of Water 

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