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Agriculture in Ferintosh

The photographs which follow are reproduced courtesy of Fraser Skinner.

Various generations of the Skinner family at work on the harvest.

Harvesting in the 20th Century with traction engine JS1237 and threshing machine.
This photo was taken at Bog of Resolis farm in 1953, the last year the machine was used on the farm. It was a No. 3 engine, Fowler 7hp, bought in 1927 and sold in 1963. Standing beside the sacks is Willie Matheson, and Roderick Matheson is standing on the mill, with Alex Munro sitting beside him.

Harvesting in the 21st Century ...

Traditional binder and modern tractor result in field of stooks ....

.... which in turn go through the threshing machine.

But old gives way to new ....

.... and combining gets under way in the Black Isle.

Even at night.

No stooks:  modern equipment provides bales square and round.

Afterwards, a Ploughing Match at Findon Farm prepares the ground for the following year's crop. (Saunders Gibson checking his furrow and John Matheson doing some measuring.)

But there's nothing quite like the sight of two Clydesdales at work at Daviot Vintage Working Day.

But a farmer's lot is not always a happy one - especially in winter!

Three more photos relating to agriculture in the Black Isle.

Lifting straw bales near Findon (2003).

Fields await the plough at Leanaig Farm (Feb. 2003).

Farm near Findon.



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