Fearn Balintore and Hilton Community Collage

References for Down to the Sea

(Unfortunately, the Parish of Fearn is very poorly written up in both the Statistical Account and the New Statistical Account and therefore assumptions about Fearn have been drawn from the much fuller information given in both these accounts for Tarbat, Nigg, Tain, Kilmuir-Easter and Avoch.)

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14.  Notes for 'A Backward Glance' by Class 111 (1965), Hilton Junior Secondary       School.
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16.  Hugh Millar.
17.  Minutes of Balintore Harbour Trust.
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19.  Souvenir Brochure of Aberdeen Fish Market, 1939
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21.   Minutes of the Parish Council of the Parish of Nigg.
22.  Shandwick Estate Feu of 1841 - Momorandum of Agreement and Conditions od Sett.
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33.  Log book of Hilton Public School, 1875-1895.
34.  'This Noble Harbour' (Provisional Title) - late Dr. Ash (forthcoming).

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