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Aerial view of the Dornoch Firth Bridge as seen from Edderton.

All photographs courtesy of Don Fraser.

The Dornoch Firth Bridge

The Dornoch Bridge was opened in August 1991 by HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The contract to design and build the Dornoch Firth Bridge was awarded to Christiani-Morrison Joint Venture and the total cost was estimated to be in the region of £11.25 million.

The design proposed by the contractor involved the use of the "cast-push" technique of deck construction which allowed the bridge deck to be built in factory conditions behind the south abutment (Edderton) and launched across the firth.

The deck is supported on 20 piers each consisting of a reinforced concrete portal founded on two No. 2.1m diameter piles cast in place on a founding stratum up to 25m below seabed level.

Only a few bridges have been built in Britain using this technique and Dornoch will be by far the biggest and, at 890m, one of the longest in Europe.  It will reduce the journey time from Caithness and Sutherland along the A9 by approximately 30 minutes and 35 kilometres (22 miles).

[Above information courtesy of Christiani-Morrison]

In the beginning preparation works ....

.... in winter ..

.... and in better weather.

Then followed foundation works.

There was some underground / undersea work ...

Finally, the decking was complete ....

... requiring a painted surface ....

.... followed by tarmac.

The first cyclists allowed to cross were Linda and Duncan.

The opening ceremony required an official platform.

And flower arrangers.

And many flower arrangements.

Plus a gift for HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Lots of invited guests.

And lots of motorists waiting to cross the new bridge.

At last a lovely, new, long awaited bridge.

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