Dingwall Drop in Youth Kafe

Dingwall Community Collage
Dingwall Youth Kafe will take up residence in the Temperance Hall just before the close of the Century. One historical event to mark the turning of another. The Kafe was set up in 1994 and operated out of the Community Centre one evening a week until such time as it became a victim of its own success when membership became too large for the Centre facilities available. Throughout 1999 all energies were put into the refurbishment of the Temperance Hall, fund-raising and recruiting staff.
The Kafe is a voluntary community project for young people living in and around the Dingwall area. Its aim is to provide a facility in Dingwall for teenagers of all backgrounds who live within the catchment area of Dingwall Academy. The first phase of the project will include a Kafe/Alcohol-free Bar/Kitchen and Games Room. Phase 2 will see the refurbishment of a large hall area completed, study/counselling rooms; an office; and information room. Fundraising for Phase 2 will begin as soon as possible after the opening of Phase 1. The information service will include a small reference library; computer/internet facilities; self-help/harm reduction information; career/financial advice. All these issues may be covered through social interaction, leisure pursuits and recreational facilities to develop the physical and mental capacities in a comfortable and informal meeting place of their own and to encourage them in interests and hobbies.
A Project Leader will work with the young people with the help of a Youth Worker Assistant. The Kafe will be for 8 hours to begin with until such time as funds have been identified to allow for a full time service to be provided.
The Youth Management Committee take responsibilty for all decisions on the day-to-day running of the project with the Board of Directors offering advice and guidance on major issues.
Making links with other youth organisations and Youth Kafes from other areas using the collective stronger voice to influence policy on issues concerning youth.
Helping each other, encouraging those who are socially excluded or marginalised to take part in the Kafe activities eg:
Music/Drama/Crafts/Arts workshops.
Visiting speakers
Taking part in local community events
Looking after the decoration and interior of the Kafe.
Fund raising events.
October 1999
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