Dingwall Highland Games

Dingwall Community Collage
On August 3rd 1946 a games day was held in the Victoria Park, Dingwall. Following this event the Dingwall Highland Games was founded by the Dingwall Fire Brigade Club in 1947 and the Highland Games were held annually, enjoying the support of spectator crowds numbering from 2 to 4 thousand for many years who came to see a programme which included pipe band contests, piping and highland dancing, track and field events, tug of war, cycle races, horse racing and jumping events, side-shows and many other attractions.

Sadly due to the growth of other leisure attractions the fire brigade club decided in 1964 that they could no longer subsidise the games in its present format opted to change to amateur status which was increasing in popularity at this time. This action also failed to bring in spectator and financial support and the games ceased to function after the 1965 games.

The games went into abeyance in 1976 Jock Watt, the former director of Ross and Cromarty leisure and recreation committee convened a meeting of interested parties to re-start the games. Some 20 to 30 people attended this meeting and agreed to put Dingwall back on the games circuit. Office bearers were duly elected and the first games were held on the second Saturday of July 1976 in the Jubilee Park and continued for 21 years. Several of the games were successful with regards income, the others were somewhat affected by Inverness starting Highland Games on the same day which attracted the tourists who would normally attended Dingwall. The 1996 games was a financial disaster and the committee decided that they could not possibly carry on.
An approach to some Dingwall business men who had been very supportive over the years resulted in the formation of a new committee and office bearers, some of the former committee were retained.

The 1997 games went ahead and was a complete success as were the 1998 and 1999. A new date and venue was made for the 1999 games. The new venue in the Dingwall academy sports field was voted the best ever by spectators and competitors with a noted increase of locals in attendance. The organisers are to be congratulated on their good work which benefited the community and ensured the continuity of the Dingwall Games hopefully for many years to come.
[Sadly, the Dingwall Highland Games has been in abeyance for a number of years.]

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