Dingwall Football

Dingwall Community Collage
The national face of football in Dingwall has been dominated in the media by Ross County Football Club which has been a reckonable force in the National League. To leave it here, however, would be doing the Dingwall football fraternity a great disservice. Football is one of Dingwall’s main sport and boys and girls participate regularly from early primary school age onwards.

One of the most exciting developments has been the introduction of Soccer Sevens as a non-competitive game in a relaxed atmosphere. The well known Dingwall Vics helps young footballers progress to the full sided game, and from their amateur league side Dingwall Thistle caters for adult players.

Ross County Football Club has developed a community wing with the appointment of a Community Coach and an Assistant Community Coach. This caters for the up and coming players of the future as well as providing an excellent community service.

Dingwall is justifiably proud of its football as youngsters not only have ready access to the sport, but also have an obstacle free pathway from when they first kick a ball right through to the professional game as their ability and desire allows.

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