The Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool

Dingwall Community Collage
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The Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool, adjacent to Rheumatology unit was officially opened in August 1996 by HRH Princess Alexandra after a 5 year fund-raising campaign to provide special facilities for the treatment and recreation for the disabled. The project cost was £375,000. The running costs of the Hydrotherapy Pool are significant, around £80,000 per year or £320 per day. The number of people that can use it at one time is quite small, as the best results come when disabled people are not crowded or rushed through. Running costs are met by grants from the Highland Health Board and the Highland Council, by the pool charity shop staffed by over 50 volunteers, by Pool Fund-raisers and by friends of the Puffin Pool in addition to the fees paid by users. Many donations are received.
There are probably 20,000 disabled adults in the Highlands and Islands. Most of those suffer from arthritis, backache or illnesses like stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebal palsy. Hydrotherapy is a kind of physiotherapy and a specialist treatment to ease pain and increase mobility for people suffering from these illnesses.
Hydrotherapy is a type of exercise carried out in a specially heated pool. The buoyancy of the water and the extra heat relax the body's muscles and ligaments allowing pain relieving exercises and improved fitness.
Sessions usually last for around an hour and are often carried out in groups and are fun as well as being good for health.
The Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool has been built by a registered charity for the people of the Highlands and Islands.
Dingwall Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool, Ferry Road, Dingwall, IV15 9QS. Tel: 01349 864414.
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