The Dingwall Initiative and Dingwall Association

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The Dingwall Initiative

The Dingwall initiative, as it is known, is part of a larger organisation known as The Inner Moray Firth Towns' group. This group is dedicated to the regeneration of the towns involved and is backed by the development department of Highland Council.

Projects involved range from the renewal of pedstrianised areas for shoppers, the reclamation of derelict land, the encouragement of civic pride and interest through national and international contacts, and a wide variety of specifically local aims suggested by the residents of the particular town. The initiative has been in existence for about three and a half years, and overall consultants to the group are W. S.Atkins & Co. who have offices all over Scotland.

Naturally all of this costs money and one of the major aims of the initiative, once it has identified a local need, is to raise the necessary funding. Sometimes this funding is provided locally by the Highland Council, but increasingly the main source is funding from the European Union.

In Dingwall the Initiative is at the stage of preparing what is called a "demonstration project which, in this case, is the upgrading of the main routes into the town from North, South and West. This is an ongoing project. We have already established contact with similar initiatives in Finland, Sweden and Norway, thus emphasising the European Wide relevance of the concept.

(August 2000)

Contributed by Bill McKenzie, Aultgowrie House, Aultgowrie, by Muir of Ord, IV6 7XA

The Dingwall Association

The Dingwall Association is a strictly local organisation with an open membership to any citizen of Dingwall, or anyone with an interest in the town. It has a annual fee, and these fees are the sole income of the group, apart from some grant aid from the local area committee of the Highland Council, and some funding from the Dingwall Common good fund. Projects undertaken by the Association include Dingwall's Christmas Lights, provision of new street signage, and a wide variety of smaller local projects. The Dingwall Association welcomes new members and advertises its meetings in the local press to encourage as much participation as possible.

(August 2000)

Contributed by Bill McKenzie, Aultgowrie House, Aultgowrie, by Muir of Ord, IV6 7XA


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