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In June 2017 RCHS received information from Chris Cooper of Nottingham, author of the book John Bayne of Pitcairlie.  Chris identified errors in Mackinnon's section about the Baynes of Pitcairlie.

We are happy to reproduce the correction, as follows:

Pitcairlie’s father was Donald Bayne, a bowmaker and burgess of Edinburgh. No record has been found to confirm when Donald was born, when he died and where he may have been buried. To date, no copy of his will has been found though fortunately there is a testament for his second wife, Beatrix Richardsone. It is estimated that Donald lived 1580-1648.

Donald’s father is thought to be Ronald Bayne. There was a Mr Ronald Bayne, Notary Public, who was both an indweller in Edinburgh yet at the same time had ‘chambers’ in Dingwall. Ronald was involved with the legal profession and his father was Alexander Bayne, 2
nd of Tulloch (1515-1600).

The charter of 1611, granting land in Dingwall, Ross-shire, clearly links Donald Bayne, bowar burgess, to the Baynes of Tulloch.

Donald Bayne was apprenticed to William Mayne, Master Bowmaker to James VI. A royal commission to William Mayne also included responsibility for making golf clubs for the King. Wiliam Mayne’s testament provides further insight to his business affairs.

Donald married three times. His first wife was Eupham Mayne. It is most probable that Eupham was the daughter of William Mayne as it was quite common for apprentices to marry into the ‘family business’. Donald Bayne and Eupham Mayne had four children together.  Beatrix Richardsone, Donald’s second wife, had eleven children and she died in 1637. Beatrix’s detailed testament provides an interesting insight to the couple’s business arrangements as taverners and bowmakers.

Donald re-married in May 1637 and with his third wife, Marjorie Liddell, they had one daughter, Rachael.

Donald Bayne lived in the Canongate. At that time, the Canongate lay just outside the city gates of Edinburgh. Donald and Beatrix then moved to a house just above the former Netherbow Port on the north side of the High Street. This property was subsequently inherited by his son John Bayne of Pitcairlie, followed by Duncan, son of Sir Donald Bayne of Tulloch. Duncan died young so the property reverted to his father, Sir Donald Bayne.

Mackinnon states that Pitcairlie’s father, Donald Bayne, was employed as a chamberlain, by Mackenzie, Lord Seaforth, to administer his estates in Lewis. This is not correct, as Mackinnon has confused the identity of two Donald Baynes.
The Donald Bayne who was chamberlain to Mackenzie was killed at the battle of Auldearn, on
th May 1645, whilst fighting on behalf of Seaforth and the Covenanters’ cause.2 Donald the chamberlain married as his first wife Agnes McKenzie and they had a son John who lived in Greiss.3 Donald Bayne, chamberlain of Lewis, was probably the brother of John Bayne, 4th of Tulloch.4 The following references relate to Donald Bayne chamberlain of Lewis.

Donald Bayne, chamberlain of the Lewis, his spouse Agnes McKenzie. VI 476.5

Donald Bayne, chamberlain of Lewis, VI. 73.6

John Bayne, son of Donald Bayne, chamberlain of the Lewis. VI 476 7

John Bayne of Greiss (Grase, Greace, Greas, Greass), latterly of Ulable, son of Donald Bayne,
chamberlain of Lewis, IV. 223, 224; VCi 73 (bis), 113: his spouse, Isobel McKenzie).
8 9

By contrast, Donald Bayne, bowar, burgess, of Edinburgh and father of Pitcairlie, married Eupham Mayne as his first wife. Donald was a witness to Eupham, his granddaughter’s baptism in Edinburgh on 14th October 1647, some two years after the battle of Auldearn. This is the proof of there being two separate identities.

Mackinnon’s account of the Baynes of Pitcairlie needs to be updated in view of this new information.

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Uldale: this might be Ulladale, Strathpeffer, Dingwall.

History of The Baynes of Tulloch

Old Ross-shire families 


One of the old "gentle" families of the north was that of Bayne of Tulloch in the vicinity of Dingwall, the county town of Ross. For several centuries the Baynes played a leading part in the public and social life of the Highlands and a brief account of the family may be of some interest.  Various conjectural theories regarding its origins have been offered from time to time by writers some deriving it from Donald Bane, for a time King of Scotland, others from James Bayne, Bishop of St Andrews, and still others from the Mackays of Strathnaver.  The Baynes of the Lowlands may have had royal or an ecclesiastical progenitor but the Baynes of the Highlands, there is reason to believe, were descended from a prominent fair-haired Mackay (Bayne is the Gaelic "ban" meaning "fair haired).   Whatever the origin of the family, the first of the name to settle in Dingwall was Alexander Bayne, who was a burgess there about 1500 and died before 1513.  His son, Duncan, became 1st Earl of Tulloch.

I.   DUNCAN, 1st Laird of Tulloch. He had a charter of the lands from Tulch (Tulloch) in the Earldom of Ross, on 16th July 1541, from King James V for the yearly payment of £10.4.4, and he acquired from George Munro in 1553 the lands of Davochcarty.  In the same year Queen Mary gave Duncan a Crown Charter of these lands.  Duncan married a daughter of Hector Roy Mackenzie I of Gairloch with issue:
1. Alexander of whom afterwards.   2. John.   3. Lauchlan.   4. Christian.   5 Agnes.    Duncan was living in 1558 but was dead before April 1559.   He was succeeded by his eldest son.

II. ALEXANDER, 2nd Laird of Tulloch.   He was served heir to his father on 4th April 1559.   On the 10th July 1572 he had a charter of the lands of Rhindoun from Hugh, 3rd Lord Lovat.   Alexander married (1) Janet Dingwall of Kildun.  This marriage is proved by a renunciation, dated 1630, by John Bayne of Tulloch, oldest lawful son to the deceased Duncan who was oldest son to Alexander, his grandfather, by Janet Dingwall, his first spouse, to Duncan Bayne of Logie Wester of all rights in his lands (Gairloch Papers).   By Janet Alexander had:
1.  Duncan, of whom afterwards.  Alexander married (2) Agnes, daughter of Hugh, 3rd Lord Lovat, and widow of William Macleod of Dunvegan (Warrand: Some Fraser Pedigree, p 7).   Mar. cont. is dated 2nd May 1562.   By this lady Alexander had issue:  2. Alexander, progenitor of the BAYNES OF WESTER LOGIE.   3. Ronald, who was living on 5th Feb 1596 (Munro Writs, 127).   4. John of Fearlin, burgess of Dingwall, who is mentioned in a charter under the Great Seal in 1600.      5. Janet, who married John Chisholm of Comar, with issue.   6. Marjory, who died unmarried.   7. Giles, who married, as his second wife Thomas Fraser of Reelig, with issue (Some Fraser Pedigrees p 60).   8. Hugh, who is mentioned in Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae (vol. vii, p 49).   9. Katherine.   Alexander, 2nd laird of Tulloch, seems to have died before 1600, as in that year there is a charter to Duncan Bayne of Tulloch, the son and heir of the deceased Alexander Bayne of Tulloch of the lands of Easter Drynie (Great Seal Reg. Index 42. 180).  He was succeeded by his son.

III.  DUNCAN, 3rd Laird of Tulloch.   He was served heir to his father on 31st July 1600, and was retoured heir of his father and his grandfather on 30th July 1611.   He married (1) Elspet, eldest daughter and co-heir of Torquil Conanach Macleod of Lewis with issue:  1 John, of whom afterwards.  2. Ronald, progenitor of the BAYNES OF KNOCKBAIN.   3. Kenneth, whose name appears in a contract regarding the preservation of Game in 1628.   4. Lauchlan, who was married with issue.  5.  Duncan.   6. Roderick, who married Agnes daughter of Hector Mackenzie, IV of Fairburn, and died before 1669.  7.  David.   8. Donald, chamberlain of Lewis, who married Agnes, natural daughter of John Mackenzie, IV of Gairloch and who was killed at the battle of Auldearn in 1645.  9. Anna.   10. Janet.   11. Elizabeth.  12. Agnes, who married Roderick Mackenzie of Knockbaxter, with issue.   13. Jean. He married (3) Isobel, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, II of Fairburn (sasine to her as wife of Duncan for the life-rent of the lands of Docartie, 26th Jan 1606).  They had a son.  14. Alexander, progenitor of the BAYNES OF TARRADALE.  Duncan Bayne, 3rd Laird of Tulloch, died before 31st July 1620 and was succeeded by his son.

IV. JOHN, 4th Laird of Tulloch.  On 21st July 1620 there was a sasine to John Bayne of the lands of Tulloch.  In the Valuation Roll for Inverness for 1644 he appears as a proprietor in the parish of Dingwall, where his valued rental is £909 .6. 8.   He was three times Provost of Dingwall.  He married Elizabeth daughter of Roderick Mackenzie, I of Redcastle, with issue:  1. Duncan, Younger of Tulloch, who died before 15th April 1650, for on that date his brother, Roderick, "depones before the Presbytery (of Dingwall) that his brother Duncan is with God".  (Dingwall Presbytery Records).  He married Catherine or Beatrice, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie of Kilcoy with issue:  (a). Sir Donald, of whom afterwards.  (b) John, who married Elizabeth Mackenzie, with issue.  (c) Henry, baillie of Dingwall in 1674, married Margaret Murray, with issue.  2. Roderick, who was Tutor during his nephew's minority, was living in 1684.  He married (1) before 1643 Helen Mackenzie, with issue:   (a) John, who succeeded to Tulloch as 7th Laird in 1719.  (b) Duncan. (c) Donald.  (d) Margaret.  (e) Christian.   Roderick married (2) Catherine Ross, with issue:  (f) Henry.  (g) Ronald.  (h) Kenneth, styled of Drynie", afterwards became 8th Laird of Tulloch.  (i) Hugh.  (j) Hugh.    3. Ronald, who is mentioned in Dingwall Presbytery Records on 19th February 1650. 4. John, who married Jean daughter of the Rev William Lauder, minister of Avoch, with issue.  5. Elizabeth, who was married four times  - (1) to MacQueen of Corryburgh;  (2) to Alexander Corbet of Arboll;   (3) to Hector, brother of John Mackenzie II of Davochkairn;  and (4) to Roderick, second son of Colin Mackenzie, I of Davochcairn (sasine to her in 1651). John Bayne, 4th Laird of Tulloch, died in May 1657 and was succeeded by his grandson.

V.  SIR DONALD, 5th Laird of Tulloch.   On 8th February 1669 there is a sasine to him on a clare constat as heir of John Bayne of Tulloch his grandfather.  On 15th November 1670 there is a retour to Donald Bayne of Tulloch as heir of John Bayne of Tulloch.  He was knighted between April 1680 and 14th December 1681.  There is some uncertainty about his marriages.  It would appear that he married (1) Margaret Tulloch, with issue:  Ronald, who was baptised at Dingwall on 31st October 1664. This son does not again appear in records and may have died young.  Sir Donald married (2) Annabella, daughter of John Mackenzie, II of Applecross, with issue:     2.  John, baptised at Dingwall on 29th April 1675 and married (marriage contract 8th August 1706) Margaret daughter of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon, with issue an only daughter, Margaret   3. Duncan, baptised at Dingwall on 29th April 1675.   4. Alexander, baptised at Dingwall on 3rd February 1676.  5. Kenneth, of whom afterwards.  6. Ronald, baptised at Dingwall on 29th April 1680.  7. James, baptised at Dingwall on 8th May 1685.  8. Alexander, baptised at Dingwall on 14th December 1686.  9. William, baptised at Dingwall on 14th October 1688. 10. Annabella, who married Roderick Mackenzie of Kilcoy (marriage contract 7th June 1689) with issue (see Burke: Landed Gentry 1938 p 1475).   11. Catherine, baptised at Dingwall on 14th December 1681 and married in 1700 Roderick Dingwall of Cambuscarry.   12. Elizabeth, baptised at Dingwall on 7th Jan 1683.  13.  Janet, baptised at Dingwall on 4th July 1692.  Sir Donald Bayne married (3) Marie Dingwall, who is mentioned as his wife in a sasine of 7th May 1712, with issue.  14. Annabella, who married Alexander Mackenzie of Tollie, Provost of Dingwall, with issue:  (a) Alexander, who became progenitor of the Mackenzies of Portmore.   (b) Catherine, who married the Rev John Downie of Gairloch and afterwards of Urray, with issue (see Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae vol. vii, p50).  (d) Mary Anne.    Sir Donald Bayne died before 1716 and was succeeded by his son.

VI.  KENNETH, 6th laird of Tulloch.  He had sasine 22nd April 1716 as brother to the deceased John, "apparent of Tulloch, and son of Sir Donald Bayne.  He married Isobel daughter of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell (marriage contract 22nd April 1718), without issue.  According to the Dingwall Kirk Session records he had two illegitimate children by Annie Bayne in 1717 and 1718 respectively.  He died on the 6th May 1719 and was succeeded by his cousin John, son of Roderick Bayne, "Tutor of Tulloch".

VII.  JOHN, 7th Laird of Tulloch, was retoured heir to his cousin, Kenneth Bayne of Tulloch on 31st July 1719.  He sold his reversion of the Tulloch Estate to his half- brother, Kenneth Bayne of Drynie, son of the "Tutor of Tulloch" by his second wife, Catherine Ross.  John Bayne died between 11th June 1727 and 6th October 1731 and his half-brother had a retour on 6th October 1731 as "nearest lawful heir in general".  It is not known whether he was married or not, but the Rev John Bayne of Dingwall (1716 - 1737) is said to have been a son.  He is described in Fasti (vol. vii p34) as "Son of John Bayne, Dingwall, descended from the Tulloch Family but according to his descendants the "John Bayne, Dingwall" was John, 7th Laird of Tulloch. The Rev John Bayne married Ann daughter of Peter Bethune of Culnaskiach, Kiltearn, and his wife, Jean, oldest daughter of Sir John Munro of Fowlis, with issue:                                                                                                                                          
1.  Lieut Duncan Bayne in Colonel Montgomery's Highlanders.  2. John, who was baptised at Dingwall on 2nd March 1720.   3. Aeneas, of whom nothing is known.    4. Ann, who married Capt. Forbes, with issue. 5. Christian, who married the Rev Gilbert Robertson, minister of Kincardine, with issue, among others, Ann, who married the Rev George Rainy, minister of Creich, Sutherland, and their grandson was the famous churchman, Principal Robert Rainy of New College, Edinburgh (see Aird: The Douglas and Robertson Genealogies 1894 pp 21 - 48).  6. Jane, who married Capt. William Douglas of Fyrish, with issue one child, Robert, who died about 1840 in West Indies (ibid. p11).  The Rev John Bayne died on 3rd Feb 1737.

VIII.  KENNETH,  8th Laird of Tulloch.  As noted above he was half-brother of John Bayne, 7th Laird.  He married Ann Bayne, who is said to have been his cousin, but it is not known who her parents were.  She died on 17th April 1733 leaving a son, Kenneth, who succeeded his father as

IX.  KENNETH, 9th Laird of Tulloch.  Of this Bayne of Tulloch there is nothing known.  He was married but his wife's name has not come down to us.  He had issue: 1. Roderick, mentioned in the Minutes of the Town Council of Dingwall on 2nd October 1753 as "eldest son of Kenneth Bayne of Tulloch".  Nothing further is known about him.  2. Mary, who married Forrester Rose, once of Cyderhall, near Dornoch.*  Kenneth Bayne sold Tulloch to Henry Davidson, son of William Davidson, Cromarty, and his wife, Jean Bayne, said to have been a relative through the Baynes of Knockbayne, of the of the Tulloch family.  Being anxious to keep the estate from passing to strangers Henry Davidson paid a large price (£10,200) for it, and behaved most generously to the old family as is proved by the provision he made in his will to various members.  From 1762 (the year in which Davidson bought Tulloch) until 1917, when the last David  It has been impossible to trace anything about the last Bayne of Tulloch - the year of his death is not known.  Even such an indefatigable searcher of records as the late Mr Raymond Tinne Berthon, Chichester, England, who was a descendant of the family, was unable to throw any light on the last Laird of Tulloch or on any of his descendants.  Mr Berthon was most kind in supplying the writer with much of the genealogical information in this article.

Donald Mackinnon

* On 27 August 2017 Edward Scott emailed the following information:
The Mary Baine who married Forrester Rose was the daughter of Bernard Baine, an apothecary of London, and Anne Eldred.  Mary was born in Westminster on 27 November 1753 and baptised on 21 December the same year at St James, Westminster.  She died on 4 September 1795 and is buried in Greyfriars churchyard, Edinburgh.  There is no evidence, so far, to link Bernard to either Tulloch or Knockbain.

RCHS is grateful to Mr Scott for this information since accuracy is regarded as important.

Continued from vol. ii p7: 

Several families, such as the Bains of Docharty, the Baynes of Dingwall and the Baynes of Logie, Fife, are said to have been descended from the Bayne family of Tulloch, but unfortunately it has not been possible to trace their exact connection with the main stock. The Bains of Docharty, in the neighbourhood of Dingwall, derive their descent from Alexander Bain (or Bayne), who was a tenant in Docharty in 1664. A genealogical account of this family was published privately, in 1914, by Mr Hugh Urquhart, Dingwall. The Baynes of Dingwall, one of whom was the famous minister of Kiltarlity, the Rev Donald Bayne, DD (1755-1821), were descended, according to the Rev Donald Sage (Memorabilia Domestica, 2nd edition, p.223) from the "Knights of Tulloch". There was only one Knight of Tulloch (Sir Donald Bayne, 5th Laird), and probably this family was descended from one of his sons, of whom there were nine. The Rev Walter Wood of Elie, Fife, in his book on the families in the East Neuk of Fife, says that the Baynes of Logie, Fife, were an offshoot of the "ancient family of Tulloch", but he gives no authority for his statement. This family produced several sheriff clerks of Fife, and were proprietors of the estates of Dura and Rires. There were marriage connections between them and the Baynes of Ross-shire, and this may have led Mr Wood to conclude that their progenitor came originally from Tulloch.

In Ross-shire, however, there were four important cadet branches of the Tulloch family. There were: (a) the Baynes of Wester Logie and Delny, (b) the Baynes of Knockbain, (c) the Baynes of Tarradale, and (d) the Baynes of Pitcairlie.


I. ALEXANDER, who was second son of Alexander Bayne, 2nd Laird of Tulloch, was the progenitor of this family. On 10th September 1590 there was a Donation Charter of Wester Logie in the parish of Kilmuir Easter to Alexander by his father, Alexander Bayne of Tulloch. Alexander was married four times. His first wife was Agnes Fraser (her parents are not known), and by her he had: (1) Duncan, of whom afterwards. After her death Alexander married as his second wife Catherine Munro, and by her he had: (2) Catherine, who married, before 1610, Ronald Dingwall of Kildun. Alexander married as his third wife Margaret Murray of Kildun and had issue: (3) Isobel, who married, about 1627, Alexander, eldest son of Robert Gray of Creich and Ospisdale, Sutherland. (4) John, of whom nothing is known at present. Alexander's fourth wife was Florence, daughter of Robert Mor Munro of Foulis, and widow of Roderick MacKenzie, 1st of Redcastle (Mackenzie: History of the Munros, p.55), without any known issue. Alexander Bayne of Wester Logie died before 1624 and was succeeded by his son of the first marriage.

II. DUNCAN who is style "of Delny" as well as "of Wester Logie". His rental in the valuation roll of Inverness-shire (which included Ross) in 1644 was £212. He married as his first wife, Jean, only daughter of John Urqhuart of Ferrytoun (descended from the Urquharts of Cromarty with issue: 1. Agnes who married Colin Mackenzie 2nd of Kincraig with issue (1) Colin who became 3rd of Kincraig (2) Lieut Colonel Duncan, Scots Guards. (3) Lilias who married Alexander, son of the Rev William Mackenzie of Rosskeen with issue: (4) Catherine who in 1680 married as his second wife William Grant, tacksman of Ardoch with issue. Their great grandson was the Rev Gustavus Aird D.D., Minister of the Free Church at Creich, Sutherland, who died on 20th December 1898 (5) Christian, who in in 1681 married William, son of Alexander Mackenzie, 1st of the Mackenzies of Ardross. (6) Florence who married in 1679 William Mackenzie of Kinlochewe, with issue. (7) Agnes who married Alexander, son of Alexander Bayne, 2nd of the Baynes of Knockbain. 8. John, of whom afterwards. Duncan Bayne married as his second wife Helen, daughter of Thomas Urquhart of the Urquharts of Kinbeachie, Black Isle (a second cousin of his first wife), without issue. It is said that Duncan Bayne died "in the reign of Charles II." He was succeeded by his only son John.

III. JOHN, who is described in documents as "Mr John Bayne". He is probably the John Bayne from Ross-shire who graduated M.A.in 1651 at King's College Aberdeen. He married, about 1660, Anna, eldest daughter of Robert Gray of Arboll, Sutherland, with issue an only daughter, also Anna, who married Sir John Gordon,3rd Baronet of Embo, Sutherland (marr. cont. dated 19 April 1683) with issue. By a bond, dated on 23 November 1694, at Fortrose, "Mr John Bayne of Delnie binds himself to pay to his grandchildren John Robert, George, Anne, Elizabeth and Jean the sum of 1200 Merks with interest thereon...". Mr John was dead by 1696 and on 28 May 1700 the fore-mentioned grandchildren were infeft in the lands of Delny.


I. RONALD, second son of Duncan Bayne, 3rd Laird of Tulloch, was the first of the family of Knockbain in the parish of Kilmuir Easter. He was a writer in Dingwall and was a witness, in1626, to the Will of Sir Roderick MacKenzie of Coigeach, "Tutor of Kintail". Ronald Bayne was married twice. His first wife was Janet, daughter of the Rev Thomas Houston, minister at Inverness, and by her he had: 1. Duncan who seems to have died before his father. 2. Alexander of whom afterwards. 3. Kenneth. 4. Margaret. 5. Christian 6. Catherine. Ronald's second wife is not mentioned in any document known to the writer but he had by her: 7. John, who is given in the Records of the Presbytery of Dingwall in 1649 as brother of Alexander Bayne of Knockbain. 8. A son whose name is not known. 9. Donald who is described in the Munro writs (p. 60) as "Mr Donald Bayne". Nothing further is known of him. 10. Janet who died before 31st July 1648. Ronald Bayne, who was Provost of Dingwall, died before 31 July 1648 and was succeeded by his second son, Alexander.

II. ALEXANDER who is mentioned in the Records of the Presbytery of Dingwall on the 22nd January 1650 as having appeared before the Presbytery "confessing malignancy". (He had been a follower of the Marquis of Montrose?) He married before 1644 as his first wife Agnes, daughter of Colin Mackenzie, 1st of Kincraig with issue: 1. Ronald, of whom afterwards. 2 Alexander who married his first cousin Agnes, daughter of Colin Mackenzie, 2nd of Kincraig. 3. Janet, who married the Rev John MacRae, minister at Dingwall (1674-1704), with issue (Fasti vol. vii, p.34). 4. Margaret, who was baptised at Dingwall on 20 December 1664, and married with issue. 5. Kenneth, who was baptised at Dingwall on the same date as his sister. Alexander Bayne married, as his second wife, Isobel (surname not known at present), with issue: 6. Donald, who was baptised at Dingwall on 22 December 1670. 7. Roderick, who is mentioned in a Sasine of 1701. Alexander must have died before 2 January 1673, for, on that date, his son, Ronald is described "of Knockbayne".

III. RONALD succeeded his father at Knockbain. He accompanied the 3rd Earl of Seaforth to the Court of James II in London in 1675 as his principal servant. He married Catherine, daughter of Roderick MacKenzie, 5th of Davochmaluag, with issue. 1. Alexander, of whom afterwards. 2. Kenneth, who was baptised at Dingwall on 20 July 1681. 3. John, who was baptised at Dingwall on 13 August 1684, and married, with issue, a son, John, who married Helen MacRae (Highland Papers, vol. i. p.228, History of the MacRaes, p.68). Ronald had also an illegitimate son by Margaret MacQuein, baptised on 9 June 1678 at Dingwall. The date of Ronald's death is not definitely known, but it took place before 1 June 1721, for on that date his son and successor, Alexander, had a Sasine of Knockbain.

IV. ALEXANDER, who was also styled "of Delny", that property having come into the Knockbain family, was baptised on 27 February 1680, at Dingwall. He married Jean, daughter of John Gray of Arboll, Sutherland, and his wife, Katherine Fraser of Kinneries, with issue: 1. Ronald, of whom afterwards. 2. Donald, who was Bailie of Dingwall in 1740. This Alexander Bayne of Knockbain and Delny was to succeed to Tulloch in the event of the failure of the issue of Kenneth Bayne in Drynie, half-brother of John, 7th Laird of Tulloch. The date of his death is not known. He was succeeded at Knockbain and Delny by his elder son, Ronald.

V. RONALD, who was Bailie of Dingwall in 1740, married Jean, daughter of Sir John MacKenzie of Coul, with issue: 1. Alexander, of whom afterwards. 2. Catherine, who married as his second wife, after September 1740, Alexander MacKenzie of Tolly, merchant at Dingwall, with issue (Burke: Landed Gentry 1938, p.1475). Ronald Bayne died in June or July 1743 and was succeeded at Delny by his son. By this time, the family had no connection with Knockbain.

VI. ALEXANDER, who was a Lieutenant in the Navy and had, in 1743, a retour to his father, Ronald Bayne of Delny, and also to Priesthill in Cromarty. On 10 June 1757 there is a Sasine of Delny and Priesthill to James Cuthbert of Milncraig from Alexander Bayne of Delny. Nothing further is known of Alexander, who seems to have been the last of his line.


I. ALEXANDER was a son of Duncan Bayne, 3rd Laird of Tulloch, and his wife, Isobel, daughter of Alexander MacKenzie,2nd of Fairburn. He was thus a half-brother of Ronald, progenitor of the Baynes of Knockbain. He had a Sasine of Tarradale on 24 June 1634. He married Jean, daughter of John MacKenzie of the MacKenzies of Ord, with issue, at least one son, Duncan, of whom afterwards. Alexander was sheriff-depute of Ross-shire until his death in 1669. He was succeeded at Tarradale by his son.

II. DUNCAN, who had a sasine of Tarradale on 2 February 1660, was married to Jean, daughter of the Rev John Mackenzie,son of John Roy Mackenzie, 4th of Gairloch, with issue, Alexander, of whom afterwards. Duncan Bayne, 2nd of Tarradale, died before 1701 and was succeeded by his son Alexander.

III. ALEXANDER. He had a Sasine of Tarradale on 6 March 1701 and bought the estate of Culbo from Kenneth Mackenzie of Scatwell. He married Jean, sister of George Mackenzie of Balmuchie, with issue: 1. Duncan of whom afterwards. 2. Isabel, who was baptised on 20 November 1697 at Dingwall. 3. Donald, who was baptised on 9 February 1699 at Dingwall. Alexander Bayne of Tarradale died before 3 July 1712 and was succeeded at Tarradale by his elder son.

IV. DUNCAN, who was baptised on 27 November 1695 at Dingwall, died as a young man in 1729 and the Baynes of Knockbain succeeded to Tarradale.


I. DONALD was a son of Duncan Bayne, 3rd laird of Tulloch, and his first wife Elspeth, daughter and co-heir of Torquil Conanach MacLeod of Lewis, and was thus a full brother of Ronald, progenitor of the Baynes of Knockbain and a half-brother of Alexander, progenitor of the Baynes of Tarradale. It has been said that Donald was a "natural" son of the Laird of Tulloch, but there has been no confirmation of this. He was chamberlain of Lewis, and was married to Agnes, a "natural" daughter of John Roy MacKenzie, 4th of Gairloch. There is a Sasine to them on 15 November 1643. Donald was killed at the battle of Auldearn in 1645, leaving issue as follows: 1. John, of whom afterwards. 2. Agnes, who married ...... Bayne, with issue of at least one son, Alexander, of whom afterwards. 3. Margaret, who married ..... Stewart, with issue, a daughter, Isobel, who married Walter Ross, with issue, a daughter, Isabella, who on 26 April 1681 was the wife of Donald MacNeil in Contin. 4.Helen, who married ..... Simpson, with issue, a daughter, Isabella, who was the wife of Donald Urquhart in Brahan, on 26 April 1681.

II. JOHN, who was the only son of Donald Bayne, chamberlain of Lewis, carried on the representation of the family. He appears in documents of his period as "Mr John Bayne of Pitcairlie". He was probably the John Bayne who attended King's College, Aberdeen (1647-1651) and graduated M.A. in 1651. He married Euphemia Ackerman, sister of Andrew Ackerman, W.S., who was served heir to her on 15 July 1686. Mr John Bayne died before April 1681 without issue. His nephew, Alexander Bayne, was served "heir portioner and of conquest" to him on 26 April 1681.

III. ALEXANDER, who is described on 13 May 1665 and later as "late Baillie of Dingwall", married, as his first wife, Margaret MacDonald, with issue: 1. Hugh, who was baptised on 19 March 1675 at Dingwall. 2. Kenneth, who was baptised on the same date at Dingwall. 3. Duncan, who was baptised on 25 April 1676 at Dingwall. 4. Margaret, who was baptised on 23 April 1671 at Dingwall. 5. Katherine, who was baptised on 25 April 1676 at Dingwall. After his first wife's death Alexander Bayne married Margaret MacCulloch (parents unknown), with issue: 6. Donald, who was baptised on 5 July 1681 at Dingwall. He became schoolmaster of Kiltearn in January 1701. After being licensed to preach the Gospel, he was appointed chaplain in Lieut-General Murray's Regiment in Flanders. Called on 14 July 1708 to Dingwall, but such was the opposition of the Episcopalians that he, as a Presbyterian, could not be settled and he continued in the army. He was chaplain to Colonel Lamy's Regiment at the Bosch in November 1736. Nothing further is known about him.

Donald MacKinnon 

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