Dingwall History

Dingwall Museum entrance
Dingwall Museum entrance on High Street.

Dingwall Museum

Located in Dingwall's historic Town House (built 1700's ) the museum has an extensive permanent collection of objects and photographs relating to Dingwall and its surrounding area. Displays include a 19th Century highland kitchen, a blacksmith's workshop, a military room presenting information on the 4th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders and on Sir Hector MacDonald, the local soldier famous for his leadership at Omdurman in 1898. There is an outside garden court displaying stone objects.

Open to the public annually from May to September since 1980, this independent museum is run by a trust which mounts special exhibitions periodically.

The Reception Area of Dingwall Museum
The reception area with Mrs Pat Macleod on duty..

A Highland Kitchen display
A Highland kitchen display.

Gordon the Blacksmith's Smiddy
The Gordon family blacksmith's "smiddy" (smithy) relocated from the original site at the west end of Dingwall.

Burgh Coat of Arms
Burgh coat of arms and, alongside, early school photos.

Display cases with early Town Hall memorabilia
Display cases with early Town Hall memorabilia and early school medals.

Memorial to the fallen of 4th Battalion
Memorial to the fallen of the 4th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders.

A corner of the Military Room
A corner of the Military Room.
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