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Ferintosh Community Collage

Caption:  "Tea break at West Badgrinnan"

Photographs of the community of Ferintosh were loaned to RCHS some years ago and it is regretted there is no record of the donor.  

The photographs are greatly appreciated as they show life in a byegone age.  Also valued is the caption given to each by the unknown donor.

Photographs of Ferintosh

The photographs appear to fall into three categories:

Agriculture (see below)

Locations (click here to view)

People (click here to view)


Miss Catherine Jack, Shoreton, holding a travelling stallion in the pre-tractor age.

Elizabeth Gray (Mrs Fraser) at the controls of a binder in the 1930s.

Messrs. Hannan's threshing outfit.

Messrs. Hannan's sawmill 1925.

Mr Jim McCulloch using a Grubber.

Butter-making class, Findon Hall, c.1912.

A busy day on Balrailan, Spring 1934.  Arthur Fraser harrowing.

Tighnahinch 1940.

Milking cow at Balrailan.

Fiddle sowing 1976.

Crofter Show, Dingwall, 1912.  Possibly Macdonald, Brae, Easter Kinkell.

Findon Estate - broody hens' truck.

William Gray, Greenloanachs.

Ploughman Hector Jack, Shoreton.

Arthur Fraser mowing.  Balrailan 1930s.

Balrailan's horses and binder.


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