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Chapter 7


On Wednesday 21 October 2009, on the 100th anniversary of the opening of the church building, a special service was held in Ferintosh Parish Church, attended by former ministers and relatives of former ministers.

Hymn: The Church's One Foundation
Dedication of Lectern and Banner
Hymn: For I'm Building A People of Power
Prayer: Rev.T. Clifford Kelly
Centenary Hymn: Let's Celebrate, Let's All Sing
(written by Miss Miranda Neall)
Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-14 - Mr Fred McCreadie (Session Clerk)
Hymn: O Happy Day - Mrs Doreen Suckling (organist) and the Choir
Prayer: Rev Andrew Graham
Hymn: The Church is Wherever God's People are Praising
Address: Rev. Andrew Graham
Hymn: Look Forward in Faith

Following the Service a commemorative photograph was taken by Alasdair Cameron. As it was the October school holiday break, many of the congregation were absent from the photograph due to being away on vacation. Also absent was the former minister, Rev Dan Carmichael, because of family illness.

Back row, l-r: Brian Robertson, Jeanette Robertson, (hidden), Neil Drummond, Margaret Drummond, Jessie Green, Doreen Ritchie, Joan Robertson, Hamish Robertson
Next row, l-r: Campbell Mackenzie, Daphne Fraser, Florence Wilkerson, Mary-Anne Fothergill, (hidden), Andy Fothergill, Ann Mackay
Next row, l-r: (hidden), Robert McKee, Annette McKee, (hidden), (hidden)
Next row, l-r: Isobel Mackenzie, Catherine Kelman, (hidden), Anne Mackay, ?, Sylvia Chalmers, Ann ? , Catherine Mackintosh, David Mackintosh, Alistair Mackenzie, Pat Kilgore
Next row, l-r: Roderick Maclennan, Catherine Maclennan, Thomas Gray, Kenneth Macpherson, George Hogg, Margaret Hogg, John Fraser, John Smith, Alison Smith, Eilidh Smith, Margaret Macdonald
Next row, l-r: Margaret Wilson, William Mackenzie, (hidden), ?, Esma Neilson, ?, Arlene Maclean, Munro Stewart, Inez Nisbet, (hidden), Eric Munro, Angela Macpherson
Next row, l-r: ?, Robert Maclean, Rosie Neale, David Neale, Tommy Macgregor, Elizabeth Glashan, Isabel Mackenzie
Next row, l-r: Sadie Mackenzie, Elizabeth Blackburn, Connie Parry
Next row, l-r: Fred McCreadie (Session Clerk), Peter ?, Leslie Currie, Win Currie, Tom Thomas, Jean Thomas, David Shearer, Morag Shearer, Marie Macrae, Victoria Macrae, Rachael Macrae
Next row, l-r: James Yuill, Doreen Suckling (organist), Janet Winchester, Mhairi Mackenzie, Pat Gillanders, Georgie Jack, Lorna Cruickshank, Isabel Macdonald, Pamela Yuill (clerk to the Board), Jeannette Cameron
Next row, l-r: Rev Douglas MacKeddie (Maryburgh Free Church), Katie MacKeddie, ?, Una Maclean (daughter of Rev Malcolm Maclean), Callum Maclean (nephew of Rev Malcolm Maclean), Norma Maclean, Kitty Bennett (niece of Rev Malcolm Maclean), Margaret Mackinnon, Rev Roddie Mackinnon, Janet Murray
Front row, l-r: John O Sutherland, Rev Robert Jones, Jo Jones, Marion Macdonald (sister of Rev D R Macleod, Donald Macleod (son of Rev D R Macleod), Marion Macleod, Johan Kelly, Rev T Clifford Kelly (former minister), Miranda Neale (composer of centenary hymn), Margaret Graham, Rev Andrew Graham (current minister)

[Apologies that some names are not known.]

During the Service the Rev Andrew Graham dedicated the new Lectern, which was crafted by David Rose of Wood Worz, and the Centenary Banner, created by Isabel Macdonald and Annette McKee.

Photograph by Mhairi Mackenzie

Photograph courtesy of Alasdair Cameron

The congregation and guests then adjourned to the Church Hall for tea and home baking, and the centenary cakes (made by Deas of Dingwall), one of which was cut by Rev Andrew Graham and Rev T. Clifford Kelly.

Photographs by Mhairi Mackenzie

During the evening the Rev Andrew Graham and Mrs Margaret Graham were presented with a crystal bowl to mark the Church's centenary.

Earlier in the month, on Sunday 11 October 2009, the congregation had a visit from the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rt Rev William Hewitt, who preached the sermon at morning worship, after which a soup lunch was held in the Hall. During the Service Moderator Hewitt presented Long Service Certificates to Guild members:

Catherine Maclennan - 60 years                         Margaret Mackinnon - 40 years
Catherine Aitken - 60 years                                  Esma Neilson - 40 years
Olive Macpherson - 55 years                               Barbara Cumming - 40 years
Linda Holroyd - 50 years                                      Janet Roy - 40 years
Mabel Macleod - 45 years                                    Isabel Mackenzie - 40 years
Margaret Olsen - 45 years                                    Janette Steele - 35 years

In addition, Long Service Certificates for Elders were presented to Tom Gray (50-plus years), Isabel Mackenzie (32 years), Janette Steele (32 years), Jim Bremner (32 years) and Eric Munro (32 years).

The Rev Gordon Holroyd received a Long Service Certificate for Ministers for 50 years in the Ministry.

Back row l-r: Tom Gray, Eric Munro, Moderator, Gordon Holroyd, Jim Bremner, Linda Holroyd
Front row l-r: Isabel Mackenzie, Esma Neilson, Catherine Maclennan, Nettie Roy, Andrew Graham

All photos of Moderator's visit courtesy of Martin McLauchlan 
On 10 November 2009 a centenary meal was held in the hall, the catering being provided by the Riverside Tavern, Conon Bridge. On this occasion the congregation was joined by Rev Dan Carmichael, Joanne, Matthew and Anna. There was no charge for the meal but members of the congregation were invited to donate to the Feeding the Elderly programme in Malawi, and responded generously by giving £612.

Some of those who attended.  Photos courtesy of Hugh Steele.

So ended the celebration of 100 years of the presence of the Church of Scotland in the parish of Ferintosh.

Or so we thought ….

In October 2010 the Rev Andy Graham received an email from Margaret Bull, of Melbourne, Australia, who is a great-granddaughter of the Rev Roderick Mackenzie and descended from his son Hugh, who came to Australia. Margaret had paid a brief visit to Maryburgh in 1989 but it was only when she found our church history on the internet that a few questions were answered.

Margaret tells us that Roderick Mackenzie lost a daughter in 1905 and a son, Macintosh, in 1899. Three of Roderick’s other sons migrated to USA and a grandson, Donald, has done some research into the family history.

With her email Margaret sent a photograph of Roderick in his later years.

Continued in Chapter 8
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