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First of all, artist May Adam presented a painting to the Church, which has proved to be popular in its subsequent transformation into notelets and prints.

Chapter 6


Our Centenary Prayer Day was held on 3 June when the Church was open to everyone who wished to have a time of private prayer and reflection. The tranquil setting inside the Church was enhanced by beautiful floral arrangements created by Isabel Macdonald, Pat Gillanders and Margaret Cameron.

On Saturday 6 June there was an `afternoon gathering’ in the Church grounds with a Victorian/ Edwardian theme to reflect the era when the Church was first opened. Participants were encouraged to come in period dress. There was a free barbecue for everyone; a flower and plant stall for the gardeners; a baking and preserves stall for those who like something tasty; afternoon teas in the Hall; games for the children; and prizes for children wearing fancy dress.

Won't you buy my pretty flowers?          Saffron and Ruby dressed up ....
(Pat Gillanders)

. .... and so did we (JM).

The Tea Ladies - Nettie Roy, Annette McKee, Pam Yuill, Dorothy Howie, Isabel Macdonald (J.M.)

Joan and Bill Mackenzie (J.M.)

Roderick, and Katie Urquhart with Tom Thomas (J.M.)

Fred McCreadie, a very impressive Session Clerk (J.M.)

The `orra loon’ Jim Yuill waiting to prepare the barbecue.

Our customers (J.M.)
[`JM’ indicates that the photographs are by Joan Mackenzie.]

Margaret and Roddie Mackinnon

Two ecclesiastical gentlemen

Our very own ecclesiastical gentleman !

Another very welcome gift to the Church is the Centenary Hymn, named Ferintosh Parish, the words and music of which have been composed by our young organist Miranda Neall.

1. Let’s celebrate, let’s all sing
One hundred years worshipping.
Our Church has been standing tall,
With open doors to praise.
Our Church has stood the test of time,
Let’s sing God’s praises once more.
Our love for you grows my Lord,
Forever, we thank you Lord. 

2. For all events, small and large,
Lord you are there guiding us.
Deaths and births, weddings too,
Your presence Lord we feel.
We enter this Church each Sunday
To praise your holy name.
We all unite as one here,
Forever, we thank you Lord.

3. Leave the past in the past,
All sins have been forgiven.
The present time we serve you,
Our future’s with you Lord.
Today is our Centenary,
We will rejoice in your name.
Jesus our Lord and Saviour,
We thank you for all, Amen.

(Miranda Neall b.1989)

Continued in Chapter 7
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