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This record is a continuation of the research carried out on the men from Coigach who died in WW1 and whose names are on the Achiltibuie War Memorial. Now is the opportunity to honour those who died in the Second World War, and also mention the prisoners of war who endured long years in the hands of the enemy, through no fault of their own.

There are 10 names on the War Memorial

Photo: Clare Church

An additional 4 men died as a result of the War and are included owing to their connection with Coigach, namely:

Naval Auxiliary John MacIver
Pilot Officer Charles Harkness
Private Albert George Watkins
Private Duncan Maclean

The majority who died served with the 4th, and later the 5th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders. The men from Coigach took their place in all branches of the services, i.e. the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Army and Air Force.

Also included in this document are the names of 7 prisoners of war from the 4th Seaforth Highlanders who were captured in 1940 by the Germans.

Nurses from this area who served for their country are not forgotten, as well as members of the community who struggled on without their loved ones.

Besides studying the War Diary of the 4th Seaforths up until the end of March 1940, of particular value is the personal diary of Captain Patrick Munro of Foulis of ‘C’ Company which can be viewed on the Ross and Cromarty Heritage Society website, which covers the period from September 1939 until the time of his capture on 12th June 1940.

Coigach Peninsula



My main contact has been Mairi Thornton of Polglass, to whom I am most grateful for contacting relatives and providing much needed information. Thanks are due to Christine Wood, Archivist at Highland Archives, Inverness for making available relevant documents, and also to Robbie Mackenzie of Ullapool Museum.

The following relatives and local residents need to be acknowledged for providing me with details:

Bill Drake, Midge Drake, Anne Campbell, Sheila Durrant, Ian Mackenzie Fidlin, David and Sheila Green, Ian Mackenzie, Lesley Macdonald, Eric Macleod, Roddie Macleod, Kevin Macleod, Una Macgregor, Duncan May, Beryl Morgan, Fraser Muir, Lesley Muir, Peter Muir, Karen Peach, Margaret Starling.

Joyce Ingledew has allowed me to quote from an article in the Southern Daily Echo regarding her uncle James (Bunnie) Mackenzie (D/JX 169450), and also provided additional information.

I am indebted to Pauline Ward and helpers for the document which is held in the CCHG archive regarding the nurses who served their country.

I have included Appendices, for which I must thank the following people:

Mary Macleod, the daughter, of a 4th Seaforth Highlander survivor from Ullapool, whose article gives vivid detail regarding the actions on 4th June 1940 during the Battle of Abbeville.

Ann Irvine, who kindly allowed me to view many documents and tapes relating to her father William George Mackenzie (2820287) who was a prisoner of war for five years.

Hector Donald Mackenzie, son of Hector Mackenzie (2820609) loaned me tapes on which many memories are revealed regarding the years 1940-1945 which were recorded by Hector (senior’s) son-in-law, Kenny Macdonald.

Rachel A Sutton Hayes, niece of Duncan Maclean for her article on his family.

My research is an ongoing project and I welcome input of additional material. I accept full responsibility for any errors and omissions in acknowledgement of contributors.

Finally, I am indebted to my husband Tony for his corrections, suggestions and proof-reading.

Clare Church
May 2018

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