Sir Alexander Mackenzie

Avoch and Killen Community Collage
Alexander MacKenzie by Thomas Lawrence (c.1800)

Alexander MacKenzie by Thomas Lawrence (c.1800) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 
Sir Alexander Mackenzie (? -1820) He was born in Stornoway although his actual date of birth is not known. Alexander Mackenzie was the noted explorer and trader in Canada who gave his name to the Mackenzie River which he discovered in 1789.

In April 1812 he married Geddes Mackenzie a 14 year old bride. Geddes along with her twin sister had inherited an estate of Avoch. Alexander and Geddes Mackenzie spent part of the year in London and lived the rest of the time in Avoch. They had three children, a daughter born in 1816 and two sons born in 1818 and 1819. Alexander took an interest in many local activities and improvements.

He died near Dunkeld on a return journey in 1820 to Avoch from Edinburgh where he had been seeking medical advice for failing health. He is buried at the old cemetery, Parish Church, Avoch.  


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