James Douglas Fletcher

Avoch and Killen Community Collage
James Douglas Fletcher

James Douglas Fletcher.  Photo is courtesy of Lodge Rosehaugh, Avoch.

James Douglas Fletcher (1857 - 1927) was the son of James Fletcher, a native of Elgin who made his fortune in Liverpool. J D Fletcher's grandmother, Isobel Fletcher, had married William Jack, in Elgin, and they had six children, one of whom was James Jack.  When Isobel Fletcher died in 1855 she had requested in her Will that all her sons should change their surname from Jack to Fletcher, and so James Jack became James Fletcher.  By the time J D Fletcher was born, in 1857, the family surname was officially Fletcher.  It has never been proved that William Jack had any connection to Avoch, but it is said that the Fletcher family believed this to be true.
[Above information courtesy of Jane Patience, Avoch.]

James Fletcher junior had the same talent for making money, in his case through rubber and tea in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). James senior had refurbished Rosehaugh which James Douglas Fletcher enlarged to opulent proportions under the architect William Flockhart.  The grandeur of the interior, which was heated by a steam boiler,  extended outdoors to include a swimming pool, Turkish baths, farm steading, stables, dairy, laundry, walled garden and extensive glasshouses, and electricity-generating building.  Sadly the house was demolished in 1959 after its contents had been sold and dispersed worldwide.
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