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Wild poppies.

Avoch and Killen Flora

Burnet Rose

This rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia) grows as a bush about 1m high and has straight prickles and stiff hairs on the stems. It flourishes near sea coasts and flowers from May to July.

Pink Campion

Found in woodland and under hedges, Primula vulgaris is a welcome harbinger of spring.


Senecio Jacobaca seems equally at home on sandy areas or in meadows. It stands up to about 1½m high and is often conspicuous where rabbits graze as it is one of the few plants that they do not eat.  It flowers from June to October.

Ragged Robin

Found in damp areas this attractive plant (Lychnis flos-cuculi) is usually in flower during July.


Armaria maritima or Sea Pink provides a grassy cushion on or near shore lines and its pink flowers flouish from May to late summer.

Wild Rose  [Photo M and D Galloway]
Wild Roses  [Photo M and D Galloway]
There are various wild roses along the coastline - some of them seem to be garden escapees or hybrids.
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