Aultbea History

Aultbea Community Collage
Aultbea lies within Gairloch Parish and to view the Old Statistical Account (1790) and New Statistical Account (1838) see 'History' in the Gairloch section of this website.

Old Statistical Account (1790)

New Statistical Account (1834)

Arctic Convoy Museum


History of Aultbea

Gruinard Island

In 1941, twenty-two static bombs were exploded in tests and another was dropped from a Wellington bomber. Gruinard was declared a prohibited area. The results were so horrific that plans to drop the bombs on Germany were abandoned. It was officially decontaminated in 1989. The first lambs were born on the former Anthrax Island in 1994.

Ministry of Defence sign from Gruinard Island

 Udrigle House

Situated by the west shore of Gruinard Bay. It is thought to have been built circa 1745 for William the fourth of Gruinard at the time of his marriage to Lilias daughter of John Mackenzie first of Lochend. The marriage stone above the lintel on the mantle shelf in the parlour is inscribed "17 W MK LMK 45". Restored in 1992/93.
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